Free Society Foundation plans to establish a libertarian country

The Free Society Foundation aims to fulfill a libertarian and crypto-anarchist dream. Right now, the group is taking steps to acquire a piece of land from an existing government, hoping to establish the first truly sovereign country to live.

The project was conceived by the founder of the group, Olivier Janssens, along with other libertarian citizens and numerous personalities of the world of the cryptocurrencies. According to the representatives of the Free Society, the interest of the neighboring countries has been positive and the conversations are advancing without inconvenience. The organization issued a press release in which it is possible to appreciate:

“When we first started contacting governments, we were surprised that the interest was much greater than we had anticipated. Right now the talks are flowing right. “

But are the funds necessary to implement a project of this magnitude? According to Janssens, there is a total of $ 100 million from private funds for the country to become operational. The announcement also emphasized that other similar proposals have failed because of a high degree of complexity and countless bureaucratic constraints.

According to the group’s website, the initiative seeks the following objectives:

“For several decades, most libertarian citizens have attempted to form a new country through methods ranging from reclaiming existing land plots to creating structures in the water. Unfortunately, none of the attempts have been fruitful so far, as they have found remarkable resistance from governments or have required very complicated funding to achieve. Our conclusion is that, in order to truly establish sovereignty, the most efficient way to achieve this is to negotiate with an existing government. There are many examples of governments granting other nations sovereignty over some extent of their territory, such as Cuba with Guantanamo Bay in 1903, as the United States leased the territory in exchange for $ 2000 in annual gold. More benevolent and current examples are the discussions between the Maldives and other nations for the acquisition of a piece of land in an attempt to obtain a solution for the population once they disappear by the rising of the ocean.

Likewise, Roger Ver, CEO of, also co-founder of Free Society, gave his opinion on this:

“I am very excited to be a part of this project that is ultimately aimed at creating a society based on voluntary interactions rather than government impositions.”

According to the portal of the foundation, the selection criteria are as follows:

  • Proximity to existing economic powers (United States, Europe, Asia).
  • Accessibility of water.
  • Safe and conflict-free location.
  • Countries with significant national debt.
  • A flexible constitution that allows granting sovereignty.
  • Stable and existing government.
  • Acceptable minimum size for the territory.