Forum of debate in Madrid on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

The next Tuesday, October 24, 2017, will be held in Madrid the first discussion forum on “New challenges for the Blockchain platform and the Cryptocurrencies”.

Under the organization of the newspaper “El Español“, the trading platform “Etoro“, the bank “Banco Sabadell” and the crypto-services company “Bitnovo“, open discussion will be established moderated by Miguel Ángel Uriondo, head of economy and companies of EL ESPAÑOL, in which people and relevant companies of the world of the criptomonedas will participate like:

• Tal Salomon , eToro Senior Account Executive
• Ramiro Losada , senior economist at CNMV
• Montse Guardia , Director of Digital Challenge at Banco Sabadell
• Luis Vaello , Bitnovo’s chief operating officer and vice president of AvalBit
• Marcos Vallés , founder of Megavatio Control
• Antonio Gonzalo Vaca , founder of Ethereum Madrid
• Félix Moreno de la Cov a, economist and expert in bitcoin
• Adriá Aguadé Estivill , founder and CEO of UbiCrypto
• Blockchain Spain

Various topics will be dealt with from two professional roundtables:

ROUNDTABLE 1: What it is, why it matters and where Blockchain applies

  • What is blockchain, the technology behind bitcoin
  • How has revolutionized bitcoin, payment systems with the advent of this virtual currency
  • Why it is so innovative
    • Reliability and security in transactions
    • Decentralization of the system – Remove intermediaries
  • Different use cases of the blockchain platform
    • Fintech
      • Registration and storage of any financial transaction and what new business opportunities entail
      • Advantages in the speed and security of the bank transfers
      • Redesign of internal processes
      • Innovation in financial services
      • New business opportunities for banking and the need to transform their models
    • Other functionalities of the blockchain, apart from monetary: efficient distribution of energy resources, transport or distribution of content, e-commerce, art …

ROUNDTABLE 2: Evolution and future of technology in society

  • Expectations of development and reach of the blockchain
    • Scalability
    • Massive Reach
    • Energy consumption
    • Application in industry
  • Challenges and Opportunities
    • Mobilization and coordination of social movements
    • Collaborative Economy
    • New financing models – ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings)
    • Legal security and legislation of the blockchain and ICOs

More information and registration for the event at:

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Jose Felip

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