Forty Seven Bank: Bringing A New Dimension To Digital Banking

It’s just not enough to be a financial organization; it’s now about bringing new technology that will bring ease and comfort to clients. Incorporating technological ideas into the traditional banking system that delivers that extra difference, making those clients feel like they are considered first and also making transactions super easy.

Fintech developers make use of BaaS (Bank as a service), a cloud computing service model which serves as an intermediary, providing developers with various ways to connect web and mobile applications to the BaaS cloud service via APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and SDK (Software Developers’ Kit). Comparing this kind of service to other financial banking service models, the BaaS is relatively a new invention, and there are a limited number of providers at this moment.

Banking as a service as also being referred to is end-to-end processing which ensures the complete execution of financial services provided over the Web. Bringing value to the commercial world, BaaS intends to seamlessly integrate all services providers into a single process to process business service in an effective and within a short time frame. BaaS also provides a means of deploying, managing and delivering services in various environment. These services will be compliant with financial banking law in different regions in which they are made available. The service also makes sure that there is adequate security, providing secure authentication measures to secure sensitive data from unauthorized persons. The implementation of security will also comply with the law of data protection as well. The broad adoption of BaaS will bring about a rapid growth of fintech development, providing the best financial services making use of modern technologies and the use of software applications which allows customers interact with these services with ease.

The Forty Seven Project

Forty Seven Bank is creating the future banking sector. With the best innovative, open application platform for fintech developers, having access to bank infrastructure and a good client base has become easy. Forty Seven also gives developers (with small or medium capital) the opportunity to create applications that’ll compete and overtake the current banking system.

The bank aims to provide the highest quality banking service and also to ensure a secure and user-friendly service for institutions and individuals. Forty Seven is even going to be specializing in digital financial services, fully supporting traditional fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. Their platform will enable necessary digital currency procedures that include buying and selling, investing, exchange options, and cryptocurrency saving and current accounts.

Clients will also be able to access all their accounts with different banks and of course be able to control their cryptocurrency wallets, investments, and savings, in fiat and digital currency equivalent all on a single application interface. All these would be made possible by operating just a single Multi-Asset Account at Forty Seven Bank. The only aim of Forty Seven Bank is to unify the cryptocurrency world and the current traditional system, creating new unique opportunities for both parties. 

The Forty Seven Bank Team

Those onboard the Forty Seven Bank team are already successful individuals in developing financial technology products and also their full legal registration procedure completion in the UK regulatory framework.

Aleksandrs Malins (Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer)

Having an extensive and successful entrepreneurial experience, and being a Co-Founder of few companies such as Bilderlings Pay and iAM.Works, Mr. Marlins, has acquired vast knowledge of financial technology products and services, as well as legal authorization in the United Kingdom.

Igors Astapčiks (Co-Founder, Member of the Board, Chief Operating Officer)

He is an active business development professional and also a Co-Founder of Bilderlings Pay and iAM.Works. Igors has demonstrated a long history of working in the information and financial technology sector. He is skilled in finance, strategy, digital assets which include cryptocurrencies and IT product development and management.

Mihails Skoblovs (Co-Founder, Member of the Board, Chief Financial Officer)

Strong financial economist with vast experience in corporate finance, private equity and business development. Mihails is graduate of Stockholm School of Economics and is passionate about innovation in banking sector with willingness to make the world a better place.

Vladimirs Tomko, Aristoteles Vargas and Anton Azamatov among others are also part of the board and even taking active positions in moving the Forty Seven team beyond imaginations.

Why You Should Be Part Of The Forty Seven Bank ICO

The Forty Seven team would be generating funds through the Initial Coin Offering procedure to accomplish their ideas which are to bring together the cryptocurrency and the traditional monetary system.

During the ICO, Forty Seven would be offering unique benefits to contributors and future stakeholders during this period.

FSBT tokens would be given in exchange for the Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrencies, as well as in exchange for USD, EUR and GBP that can be contributed with credit cards via digiral and cryptocurrency exchange PayBis and the price of a token would be valued at 0.0047 ETH.

Hard cap for ICO stands at 36,000 ETH.

There is a great opportunity to participate in the project and get a 20% bonus on tokens purchased during the duration of the ICO which ends on the 31st of March, 2018.

With all the stated facts, it’s evident that the Forty Seven Bank, and also the developers who are eager to create something special for the financial world are here to disrupt the present banking sector, taking out market share from traditional banks with their innovative technologies.

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