Forms of payment accepted by Wikileaks

The forms of payment are evolving at a speed of vertigo. WikiLeaks is not far behind and gets on the cart of crypto coins.

WikiLeaks begins to accept crypt coins

Since the appearance of Bitcoin and after the creation of other cryptocurrencies, the world is discovering alternative forms of payment. Sending funds from one continent to another and to different people has been and still is a headache. The use of different currencies for each country and their change, make it even more difficult to send funds. High commissions on bank exchanges and slow shipping cause more than one to back down when sending money.

WikiLeaks knows that it is easier to receive payments in different cryptocurrencies. Understand that it is faster and safer to send encrypted funds and thus not disclose to anonymous donors.

Governments and central banks control our economy and know what we are spending our money on. Digital cryptography and its technological application to different forms of payment have made the market for crypto coins closer and closer.

There are several crypto coins in addition to Bitcoin, such as Litecoin, Monero, and Zcash. Other crypto coins are still created and refined to create an easy and simple environment, such as Ethereum.

The economic decentralization that we are about to present in this world scenario, will change at once the way we use our money.

A completely anonymous organization including donations

The WikiLeaks public donation address currently has 7.5 bitcoins, valued at $ 42,870, and is proving to be a popular donation mechanism for the company. To date, it has seen more than 26,000 transactions over a six-year period.
Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, has turned to social networks to say that the organization has achieved a 50,000 percent return on bitcoins, all thanks to the US government. UU.

But who is WikiLeaks?

It is an international non-profit media organization, which publishes anonymous reports and filtered documents with sensitive content in the public interest through its website, preserving the anonymity of its sources. The site was launched in December 2006, although its activity began in July 2007-2008. Since then its database has grown steadily to accumulate 1.2 million documents. Its creator is Julian Assange and is managed by The Sunshine Press.

The organization offers to receive leaks that reveal unethical or unorthodox behavior by governments, with special emphasis on those countries that consider that they have totalitarian regimes, but also on issues related to religions and businesses around the world. For the time being, WikiLeaks’ most prominent performances have focused on outside activity in the United States, especially in relation to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.


WikiLeaks and their informants “decentralized”

WikiLeaks describes itself as an internationally founded organization. There are Chinese dissidents, as well as journalists, mathematicians, scientists and technologists from start-up companies in the United States, Taiwan, Europe, Australia, and South Africa. The creators of WikiLeaks have not been formally identified. One of his advisers, editor and the current director is the Australian Julian Assange. Since September 2010, its spokesperson is Kristinn Hrafnsson, following the resignation of Daniel Domscheit-Berg, who plans to found his own leak portal. Lately, after Assange’s arrest on December 7, 2010, Kristinn Hrafnsson takes over the organization.

Despite its name, WikiLeaks is not a regular wiki site. Really readers do not have the proper permissions and cannot change their content. WikiLeaks uses a modified version of the Media Wiki software and its main server is hosted on the Swedish IsP PRQ. To protect the anonymity of its informants, WikiLeaks uses OpenSSL, Freenet, Tor and PGP.

WikiLeaks compatible with everyone

Now start accepting your donations on several Crypt coins.

Your donations pay WikiLeaks projects, staff, servers and protection infrastructure.

Bitcoin is a secure and anonymous digital currency. Bitcoins cannot be tracked easily, and are a safer and faster alternative to other donation methods.

Litecoin offers very fast and secure transactions around the world.

ZCash is a criptomoneda that offers selective privacy and transparency of transactions. ZCash payments are posted in a public blockchain, but the sender, recipient, and amount of a transaction can remain private.

Monero is an open source cryptocurrency that focuses on privacy, decentralization, and scalability. Unlike many criptomonedas that are derived from Bitcoin, Monero is based on the CryptoNote protocol. It has important algorithmic differences related to blockchain obfuscation.

The ease with which transfers can be made globally and at any point is breaking molds. The “blockchain” technology is shaking the entire economic and social world. The drastic changes ahead are nothing more than the beginning of an encrypted and digitized monetary stage.

In addition to being an enormously useful tool, it is the best way to make private and anonymous donations in complete safety.

WikiLeaks sees it clearly.

This is not a fashion, it will be the global trend.

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