First decade of Bitcoin

We continue to sing the happy birthday for the forums and chats … what, What are we late? That will be because we have to celebrate and what do we celebrate?

We celebrate the creation of the first currency that can be chosen by each user voluntarily, we celebrate the arrival of a technology that allows us to use electronic money as cash and celebrate the technology that moves and shares data in a safe and secure way. Anonymous, the blockchain.

Bitcoin WAS THE RESULT OF SOME Digital Cash Money Technologies with a centralized issuer based on the ecash protocols of David Chaum and Stefan brands. Adam Back had developed hashcash, a work test system (POW) for spam control. The first proposals for the creation of digital shortages based on the bases appeared with Wei Dai’s money and Nick Szabo’s gold bit. Hal Finney Development Reusable Work Tests (RPOW) using hashcash As a working test algorithm.

The gold bit proposal defined a mechanism for controlling inflation based on the market. In turn, Nick Szabo also devoted himself to researching other areas that made it possible to achieve that goal, such as a record of tolerant and failed assets to deliver and deliver the chained solutions of job tests.

There has been much speculation about the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto with the participants that include Wei Dai, Hal Finney and their subsequent results. The possibility has also been pointed out that Satoshi Nakamoto is a group of computer technicians from the European financial sector … or Asian group, or American group.

The result was that in November 2008, an article was published on a cryptography distribution list. The Bitcoin protocol is based on the TCP / IP protocol stack taking advantage of TCP services, normally through port 8333, although it can be changed. This protocol builds a network of nodes superimposed on the Internet. Red Forman nail nodes red pairs Where all nodes can EQUALLY provide and Consume Services WHILE Collaborating through a similar UN Consensus service.

“I’ve been working on a new electronic money system that is totally peer-to-peer, without the third-party trust.” (“The State Working in a New Electronic Money System That Is Totally Equal, Without a Reliable Third Party”). Satoshi Nakamoto, October 31, 2008, 06:10:00 PM.

These were the First Words that Satoshi Nakamoto wrote in the United Nations Forum, making reference to Bitcoin. With this post he shared the “white book” (curiously the least extensive and searched for the thousands that can be found, alone 9 pages).

Creating a currency that does not belong to any nation seems odd at first, but theocratic societies have also been registered where a religion outside the state has not been conceived. Until recently there were telephone companies or fuels that belonged only to one country and, in general, the monopolies ERAN. Maybe Within 20 years the idea of ​​”national money” also seems absurd to us tanned as the church-state.

He read a lot about bitcoin and his next 10 years … here’s what I think:

This is the new chain of blocks. Evolve, evolve, until now. and several creators overcome the POW system, we may use another one. But “Bitcoins” has always been, even if they are available even for collectors and when Bitcoin turns 18 it will be easier to pay in a bar with cryptocurrencies and we will always remember that they will all start in November of 2008 in a “Frikis” chat.

Enric Martí

Enric Martí

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