Experiences of a Bitcoiner: Coffee in a high school classroom

Monday 7.45 am we arrived at the IES Joaquin Costa in Cariñena armed with tablet, pendrive and nerves, all to explain to ESO and Bachillerato students (15 and 16 years old) what are the cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. Make no mistake, that a group of people voluntarily attend a meeting, is not the same as facing a group of beings forced to get up early thinking about the final evaluation and vacations.

Everything started as usual on the sofa in my house and a debate about economics; My daughter, belonging to this group of developing beings, told us with regret the subject matter of this subject. “Tell your teacher that we can go and give a talk, if you want” I let go without thinking about the consequences. And there we were on a Monday in the first hour with a dream face.

Upon entering the room we found a lively and curious teacher, Ignacio had prepared everything. My daughter sat in the back with her IOT BLOCKCHAIN CAMP VALENCIA T-shirt.

We started with a short video, the chapter dedicated to cryptocurrencies for the Netflix series “In few words”. The chapter itself leaves some loose ends, but we thought it was a good entry. And it was, the following was a lively conversation with the group of young people visibly tired, but giving their opinion and asking. Soon the enthusiasm returned to my being, since that group of beings forced to be in a room listening to me made me remember all those things that I fell in love with Bitcoin, the cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain in general.

Observe his expression by stating “For the first time in history we can choose our currency, without a war in between” he made me feel, what I felt years ago when I heard him for the first time, they did not say anything, but their faces were still childish and even growing they made it understood that they had received the message.

I have to admit that it is comforting to explain the evolution of online games and talk about Arker to people who see the meaning with only three sentences, they understood.

There were several questions, but one left a better taste in my mouth “Can society adapt to such a rapid change?

Answering that was difficult since I live between two worlds, rural and online, and both do not always connect. But I replied: can you imagine your life without internet, without smartphone, without twitter? They shook their heads with laughter. Well, me neither. I continued. But I’m from the last analog generation, I’ve seen how almost without realizing these technologies complement my life. And today we are at the beginning of a change, where nobody can be left out.

The sound of the mythical timbre marked the picking up of backpacks, consultation of notes of some next exam and the corridor comments. We ended with a coffee with the professor of economics, Ignacio Ventura talking about the importance of bringing the technological and economic future to education and we grateful that he had opened his classroom and given the space to speak beyond conventional books.

This is not a story of great news, or interview anyone from the ecosystem, this is a simple message:

The future does not wait for us in computers, nor in codes. The future awaits us anxiously in the classrooms, in those who will walk through this world and have the responsibility to use our talent to reach them.

Daniela Caro

Daniela Caro

Writer by birth, curious by profession ... I learn a little more every day from the cryptocurrency.

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    13th June 2018 at 8:20 am

    Me ha encantado por lo que conlleva. El hecho de la disrupción, algo tan nombrado en el mundo blockchain se dió por naturaleza. Debió ser una experiencia didáctica para todas las partes.

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