EU: Inspections on cryptocurrency exchange platforms

Sources close to the publisher have informed us that during this past week tax inspectors have been presented in different cryptocurrency stores. The purpose was to gather information from customers who acquired cryptocurrencies, justifying the legal environment of “money laundering”.

The 2016 proposal of the European Union, approved just a few months ago, seeks to end the anonymity of transactions, prosecute financial crimes and tax evasion, which places bitcoin and cryptocurrencies at the center of the new legal guidelines .

The agreement reached in December 2017, defines more stringent rules to prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorism with bitcoin and the altcoins, under the protection of the anonymity offered, until now, virtual currency trading houses. Both these platforms and the providers of ‘purses’ for virtual currencies should identify their users, according to the new rules that now must be formally adopted by the EU states and European legislators within a year and a half, by This has already begun to carry out inspections and “visits” to virtual currency trading houses.

The agreed measures will put an end to anonymous transactions in virtual currency platforms and to prepaid cards, which investigators say may have been used to fund terrorist attacks. The agreement is part of a broader set of measures to address financial crime and tax evasion. EU lawmakers have also supported increasing the transparency requirements for trustee and company owners.

Supervisors of global markets have redoubled their vigilance and warnings about these assets and central banks have also increasingly taken a sector that threatens their status quo.

“Obviously there is a risk of speculation, we need to consider and examine this issue and see how together with the other members of the G20 we can regulate bitcoin,” said French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire at the G20 meeting in December 2017.

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