EthicHub, the first Spanish platform for loans with cryptocurrencies (crowdlending)

In less than 10 years of life, the Blockchain technology has demonstrated an extraordinary transversality that has been demonstrated in millionaire investments in very different sectors of the industry. In this case, we want to talk about the opportunities that hang over crowdlending, which is currently growing at a triple digit rate.

EthicHub is the first decentralized Spanish platform of crowdlending (collective loans), a native of Blockchain, that directly connects investors, who act as lenders, with small agricultural producers (borrowers) who do not have access to the traditional banking system and who are obliged to search very expensive forms of financing with interest rates that usually shoot above 100% per year.

This current problem is addressed by EthicHub which proposes, using the Blockchain technology, to break these borders of money and achieve projects with a positive impact that encourage productive investment, for the benefit of all the actors involved. On the one hand, the investor with social responsibility will have the freedom to choose the destination of their money and direct it too highly profitable projects that also generate a positive impact in developing countries. In this way, these investors can thus access new investments, much more profitable than they find in their countries of origin. EthicHub makes possible that the current bureaucratic, economic barriers or the lack of knowledge of these markets, are no longer a problem that prevents the free flow of money.

On the other hand, the small unbanked agricultural producer will now be able to finance itself at much lower interest rates because it allows a greater supply of financing and in this way it is intended to be able to equip them with a credit history in the future, stored in the Blockchain. This opens a new and unbeatable opportunity to optimize their productivity, increase the benefit they get from the land and improve their quality of life.

The presentation will take place on Wednesday 22nd, at 6:30 in the afternoon, at Calle Duque de Alba, 15, 1st floor, Madrid (Spain).

To attend the event, it is necessary to register at the following link and attendees can obtain a free cryptocurrency.

Iñigo Molero, many years involved in NGO’s and co-author of “Blockchain, the industrial revolution of the Internet”, Raúl Martínez, responsible for technology in EthicHub, Guillermo Escudero, responsible for Social Media of EthicHub, Jori Ambruster, leading node of EthicHub, Sandra Becker, Founder of Ethereum Madrid and Ethereum node in Blockchain Spain and Pablo Chang, Project Manager in EthicHub.

The EthicHub project has been one of the nominees for the Blockchain4humanity awards!


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