EthicHub launches its Alpha Platform, Version 0.1!

The official presentation will take place at the major “Non Central Conf”Blockchain gathering in the city of León / Spain, on Saturday, June 23rd.

According to its road map, EthicHub achieves the next milestone by presenting to the community the MVP (Minimum viable product). The Alpha platform will become the core of this “social investment network” which aims to provide new financing tools to unbanked farmers around the world. This public presentation is only a first step to establish, consolidate and expand the future channel of trust between farmers’ communities, local nodes and investors. The financing of these first real projects will be executed through Smart Contracts. From June 23rd anyone who is interested in financing these first projects with good solvency and interest rates, can use this version 0.1 platform at any time. Welcome to the Blockchain Universe!

The platform consists of a simple and very intuitive front end where users can choose between the first projects uploaded on this social network of investors. When accessing the platform you will be able to meet the farmer’s communities requesting funding, the Local Nodes that organize them and to consult each loan’s established conditions. Everything will be ready for users to lend their money for the execution of these first selected projects. EthicHub aims to generate a Blockchain ecosystem where all the stakeholders involved can benefit from their mutual relationship. In addition to the generation of a significant return on their savings they will also contribute with a positive impact for the borrowers.

Version 0.1 has a minimum backend for the registration of users with a Know Your Customer (KYC) system with the ability to perform mailings and other functionalities. However, the core of the platform — the exchange of value between individuals and the allocation of reputation — will be carried out through a network of smart contracts that are built on Ethereum and has a certain capacity to update, and optimize the process in the future.

In this first stage, a limited series of projects will be published, until a more scalable structure is adopted in future versions. In addition, we want this launch to be the first step to create and feed a community of programmers who are involved in the development of future versions and contribute to its growth via greater decentralization, adding more value to the project. This first version is compatible with metamask and anyone who completes the KYC process is already registered and ready to participate in our main Token Sale in September.

For those who cannot attend our Launch Event in León EthicHub will also be present next Thursday 21st at the Meet-Up “NON CONF PRELUDE !!”, organized by Blockchain4Good-Rocks. Jori Armbruster and Raúl Martínez, CEO and CTO of EthicHub, will be present to share this milestone with all attendees. This Meet-Up will be the first time that two projects distinguished with the Blockchain4Humanity Awards, granted in the last LaBitConf held in Colombia, share the stage. On one hand par, who were awarded with one of the “shakers” prize, while EthicHub was won the “dreamers” award in the category of Financial Inclusion. EthicHub has also recently won the Spanish FinTech 2018 Award in the category of project with most social impact.

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