EthicHub awarded the FinTech 2018 Award in the category of Social Impact

The prize has been awarded at FINTECH UNCONFERENCE, an annual meeting organized by Finnovating that brings together 100 innovative CEOs from the FinTech sector, from more than 20 countries.

EthicHub, the Spanish startup of crowdlending and native of Blockchain, has been distinguished as one of the best proposals of Fintech for this year. EthicHub was nominated along with three other finalist projects in the category “FinTech Award with the greatest social impact”. The Jury, made up of prestigious and neutral personalities in the FinTech sector, finally failed due to the EthicHub proposal that was imposed on the other notable finalist proposals. Jori Ambruster, CEO of EthicHub was commissioned to collect the award to thank all those present for their distinction. In his speech, he wanted to dedicate this new prize “to the community” of EthicHub which, with its support and involvement, is making possible the viability of the project. Ambruster wanted to influence the idea that in Blockchain-based projects, the community plays a fundamental role, – “it is everything” – and EthicHub we have an active and participatory community of which we are very proud. This is the second award that EthicHub receives in its short space of life. His original proposal to address the industry of Crowdlending to reach unbanked farmers was also recognized last November, at the international conference LaBitConf held in Colombia. Then, the Spanish start up was awarded the Blockchain4Humanity prize in the category of “Financial Inclusion”.

In addition to the “social impact” award, three other prizes were also awarded at the Unconference meeting: A more innovative (Goin- @ goinofficial), A better execution of its business model (Revolut- @ RevolutApp) and A the fintech most voted by the public (Mintos- @ MintosPlatform).

The Unconference is a reference in the Spanish Fintech ecosystem, a space where “the future of the sector in Spain is defined and its innovation and development is enhanced”, debating challenges, pointing out opportunities, drawing trends in “the different areas that are most interesting to its participants. ” Its first edition marked a milestone in the sector due to the good reception received and the extraordinary atmosphere achieved, with numerous agreements, insights on business value or the creation of the regulatory white paper and the Spanish association of FinTech and InsurTech. This entrepreneurial work has received international recognition with the BAI Global Innovation Awards (Atlanta – USA – 2017) “for its impact on the ecosystem and innovation of the format”.

From EthicHub we want to thank this distinction and the work done by Unconference to build ecosystems in a collaborative way among the actors of the sector and for their dedication in fostering collaborations and synergies within the ecosystem. We want to share the award with our community and point out that we received it as a wonderful new incentive with enormous responsibility. More and more we think we can do things differently and use the possibilities of this technology to generate a positive social impact globally.

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Jose Felip

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