Ethic Hub receives the award # Blockchain4Humanity

Ethic Hub receives the #Blockchain4Humanity award at the international conference of LaBitConf2017.

Ethic Hub, the first Spanish-Mexican crowdlending platform, native of Blockchain, has achieved recognition from the community by winning the prize for the best Blockchain project in the category of Financial Inclusion.


This Spanish project, which aims to generate a positive social impact using this new technology, made its official presentation to the community on November 22 at an event held in Madrid at the headquarters of TeamLabs and now receives this important backing from the community in the form of an international award.

Ethic Hub directly connects investors, who act as lenders, with small agricultural producers (borrowers) who do not have access to the traditional banking system and who are forced to look for very expensive forms of financing with interest rates that usually skyrocket of 100% annually. On the other hand, the investor with social responsibility will have the freedom to choose the destination of their money and direct it to highly profitable projects that also generate a positive impact in developing countries, being able to access, with the Ethic Hub platform, new investments , much more profitable than those found in their countries of origin.

That is to say, Ethic Hub makes possible that the current bureaucratic, economic barriers or the lack of knowledge of these markets cease to be a problem that prevents the free flow of money.

In the words of the coordinating node of Ethic Hub, Jori Armbruster, this project “that arose with the intention of breaking the borders of money, is getting closer and closer to materializing and that is only possible thanks to the Blockchain technology, the magnificent team involved and the incipient community that is supporting us in a disinterested way “.

Armbruster believes that with the award, the project will obtain greater dissemination and consideration in this new crypto-economic ecosystem that is enabling Blockchain technology and is clear to the recipient of it. “This award is for all of us, the team, the community and all those who still do not know our proposal but who with the passage of time and the diffusion of it can also adhere to our values and participate in our idea. From here I want to thank LaBitConf for the initiative of the awards and all the sponsors for making it possible. For us, it is an extra motivation and a responsibility that we happily accept. ”

The award #Blockchain4Humanity failed at dawn on Tuesday, Spanish time and there were 20 projects that in different categories aspired to the prize.

So in addition to Ethic Hub in the section of Financial Inclusion, were also awarded Amply (Social Accountability), Usizo (Education) and the Argentine Blockchain4Transparency (Governance).


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