Ethereum, Russia and Banks: Blockchain Research Center

Vnesheconombank (VEB) and the Ethereum Foundation signed an agreement that foresees in the long term to create projects using a distributed registration and on the technology platform Ethereum, the formation of the community of experts in the platform Ethereum, as well as the development and joint implementation of programs Education for the training of specialists in the area of ​​distributed registries and the platform based Ethereum itself. The signing took place during the national conference on Blockchain (“Blokcheyn”) and the document was signed by the main architect of the Ethereum platform, Vitalik Buterin and the President of the Vnesheconombank Development Center, Sergey Gorkov.

The announcement of this agreement gives Russia an advantage over other countries for the acceptance and usability of crypto currencies, smart contracts and block chains distributed in government organizations.

“We combine the efforts of all those interested in creating the first Russian competition center for public enterprises and government agencies, forming an ecosystem of innovation. Their skills and achievements here will bring both Russian developers and world leaders in the industries of We are delighted to complement the VEB company’s experience with Ethereum, one of the leading blockchain developer platforms “, – said Sergey Gorkov.

A working group has been established for the implementation of blockchain in the public administration, under the direction of the first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov established in Russia, who will be in charge of creating and carrying out the moderator process.

“The cooperation between Ethereum and VEB offers a unique opportunity to participate in research and development on the use of block-string technology for public administration and accelerate the adaptation of this technology to the governmental organizations of the Russian Federation,” he said Vitaly Buterin.

At the same conference, “Blockchain as a mechanism of the industrial revolution” was also spoken, where the speaker was the president of the Vnesheconombank Sergei Gorkov, “Crypto coins: problem of union with the real world”, “Blockchain business: tool to attract investment “,” Blockchain and the future of industry “,” legal regulation and the use of blockchain in the public sector “and a roundtable ” Blockchain: A new era of computer technology.

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