Ether Delta compromised: do not access


The DNS server related to Ether Delta has been compromised, IT IS RECOMMENDED NOT TO ACCESS BY RISK OF LOSS OF FUNDS.

The exchange Ether Delta, driven by an intelligent contract in the blockchain of Ethereum that allows users to exchange tokens ERC-20, officially communicated the temporary closure and the recommendation of not accessing their services, due to a security problem of DNS redirection.

Until they realized the intrusion, cryptocurrencies have been stolen from user accounts yet to be quantified. Apparently, someone successfully injected malicious code into the Ether Delta web platform. In early September, the scammers created a phishing website with an almost similar domain name, which was linked to a malicious JavaScript code that gave them full control of the data in the Ether Delta user session. At that time, the attacker distributed a link to an EtherDelta token not included in the list and made it appear more legitimate through an unknown access to the official Ether Delta chat room.

Users will be safe provided they do not use the site at this time, therefore, any token/Ether deposited in Ether Delta must be sure of the portfolios in which they are currently.

It can be the events on Reddit and on the official Twitter account.

Jose Felip

Jose Felip

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