Double Spending with 0-conf POP! Bitcoin SV

The user “reizu” surprises us with a video in which he teaches how he makes a double-spending in the Bitcoin SV network.

As the video shows, after 10 minutes (mined from a block) the transaction sent “disappears”, and the previously managed balance can be used again.

“Reizu”, veteran programmer, known among his own for doing security tests on the Bitcoin Core, has already performed some tests on the Bitcoin (Core) network before executing the double expense in the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

With this video, the security of the bitcoin SV blockchain is not put in suspense, but if it is demonstrated that in some cases and according to the state of the network, and of the nodes to which the wallet software that you use is connected, You can double spend on the network. In addition, the problem does not only affect SV, but also Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash, says the author.

The technical details and the tests carried out can be consulted in

Jose Felip

Jose Felip

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