Doors in the green: SEC

The regulation of crypto coins is a complicated task. Although some countries already have some laws or bills on the subject, others still study or simply do not contemplate them. This difficult task is summarized in that it is very difficult to control something that is uncontrollable, more concretely, something decentralized, that does not depend on a central organism or entity. And in this group enter the ICOs (Initial Coin Offers), deregulated until now.

Therefore, in an attempt to put “door to the field”, the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States), which has already rejected the request of the Winklevoss brothers, Tyler and Cameron, about an asset ETF on Bitcoin And after researching and monitoring the boom in initial currency offerings (ICOs), it has stated that some of the “tokens” for sale are securities.

Sales tokens are simply a new form of stock and selling them without a license violates federal securities laws. In its ruling, the SEC confirmed that: in the case of a recent ICO, the tokens in question are actual values.

The ICOs that generate tokens as a financing model, almost always on the Ethereum block chain, is now in a regulatory indecision, both for those ICOs that have already issued their initial offer and those that are preparing for their public exit. The decision of the SEC affects people and companies of the USA, so it is not ruled out that residents in this country, stop investing in this type of offers, and companies to invest investors in other countries to reach the goals set in their ICOs and White Papers.

This attempt to regulate, rather than creating confidence, has led to the loss of value of Ethereum at the time of its knowledge (-10%) and even, paralyzing or delaying the departure of some ICO.

We will not say that the laws are not necessary for this respect, with an investment market that has already raised almost 500 million in different ICOs, but what is clear that something “global” can not be regulated so easily, much less, Limiting it to the level of countries. Therefore, great care must be taken at the investor level, in those ICOs of trust and those that can be a scam, difficult to distinguish for now and to claim in the second case.

Jose Felip

Jose Felip

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