DIBCOIN v2: Summary and Status the Trademark Dispute

DibCoin press release:

Summary and Status the Trademark Dispute

On April 4, 2018, we drafted a letter that was forwarded to Livecoin.net Exchange on the following day.

In our letter, we requested that Livecoin proceed with the DIBCOINv2 UPGRADE as planned, unless Dib Funding showed proof that they have obtained a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) from the Court, ordering us to discontinue using our Trademark. If Mr. Petty cannot get a TRO, then his case has no merit.

We asserted that the only way to stop a trademark owner from conducting business is to obtain a TRO from a Court having jurisdiction to hear the case, and that merely filing a Petition for Cancellation has no power or authority to do so.

We further asserted that:

  1. Filing a Petition cannot not stop business operations.
  2. Dib Funding has “no chance of succeeding”.
  3. A Petition means nothing without a Temporary Restraining Order.
  4. Only a Temporary Restraining Order should be respected by Livecoin.
  5. A hard-fought case before the TTAB takes about two years (2 years).
  6. In court, it could take an average of four years (4 years).
  7. That is why filing a petition cannot stop a business from moving forward.
  8. It is just a delay tactic.

Finally, we have studied Dib Funding’s Petition and find it very weak.  Livecoin has acknowledged our request, and we are looking forward to their response.


Percy L. Square, Esq.

(Attorney & Counselor at Law)

Jose Felip

Jose Felip

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