Decentralization and provinces or why there is a Blockchain conference in Santander

Even behind the veil of the raging news that the general excitement or hype confers to blockchain technology, in the end we are talking about a very old debate, practically as much as the time that humans (or rather some of them) carry struggling to hold power and manage and protect the lives and resources of other individuals with whom they live in society.

It is the hackneyed debate of centralization vs. decentralization, in the pre-blockchain era the closest issue was centralism vs federalism, but the degree of autonomy that can be achieved with blockchain is well worth updating the term.

In a country like Spain, where there are 5 levels of state administration from the neighborhood councils to the nation’s government, and Europe is still missing from the party, we see how Blockchain is faced with a tremendous opportunity and the creation of many possibilities … to have a bureaucratic and regulatory smack … jokes aside, the traditional economic weight of the cities with the largest number of inhabitants and not only in Spain but more urgently, because of an hyper-efficient organization, but in other countries, also has a centralizing effect of Entrepreneurship and innovation and projects are concentrated in these areas and outside them it seems that the starting line is painted a little further away, about goals we´d rather not talk, at least until it all starts. .

That is why Innorthvation was born, a collective formed by several meetups from the northwest of Spain (Santander, León, Bilbao and Asturias) with the double objective of serving as a showcase for blockchain projects arising in these non-central areas, but also of bringing technology closer to These communities and create a point of encounter and collaboration between professionals from geographically close areas, with a view to the creation of innovation ecosystems for decentralization, which can be more similar to those existing in areas of greater economic concentration, and represent an engine of development for cities in these non-central zones.

In this context, the collective organizes next January 20 in Santander the I Northern Spain Blockchain Conference, with the sponsorship of Crown Platform, Helvetia Fintech and Aeternity and the collaboration of Linda Healtthcare, RSK, Shelpin, G-ME, Octopocket. and El Dorado Exchange.

In this first meeting, the organization expects some 100 national and international professionals and curious about technology, to meet in Santander to discuss, share ideas, explore and activate synergies, and learn about the various projects that with the central axis of Blockchain technology and decentralization will be presented at the Santemar Hotel on the 20th, for showing attendees their vision about this technology and its possibilities, in a relaxed, networking environment, and enjoy a weekend getaway to Santander , with the great incentive, and / or excuse, of a Blockchain conference.

The meeting will not only have a professional character but also recreational and aimed to get together people involved in some way in it, but is open to the general public and also aims to teach citizens and businesses about their curiosities and questions about Bitcoin and Blockchain,  that is why there is an inclusive spirit with tickets from 10 € until January 12th.

With this purpose, the organization invites all those interested in the topic to join the conference attendees to learn and resolve possible doubts, in the recreational activities that will be held after the conference.

Thus, on Saturday 20 in the evening – after the talks, attendees will hang around the capital and share the places where they will be on social networks with the hashtags # NSBC2018 # #queesesodebitcoin so that those interested can get close and meet active and involved blockchainers.

In the same way, the organization offers attendees a walk on Sunday morning through the center of the city where they will also solve doubts and teach how to use bitcoin to those who approach as well as shops and establishments in their path at the same time that they continue doing “netwalking”. The route of this “Bitcoin Pilgrimage” as they have called it, through the streets of the capital will also be announced on social networks around the meeting.

All information about the agenda, speakers, and registration is available at

Jose Felip

Jose Felip

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