Dash launches a Dash Core update that will make your transactions cheaper and even faster

Dash has launched a new software update that reduces the transaction cost to almost zero while doubling the capacity of the network. The 12.2 release of the Dash Core software comes with new features, improvements and bug fixes, as the organization announced earlier this week.

Dash transactions now cost less than a cent of Dash, and InstantSend transactions, which are confirmed online in less than two seconds, are reduced to 2.8 cents each.

Ryan Taylor, executive director of Dash Core, said keeping transaction fees low is paramount to developing a healthy network focused on long-term payments.

“High transaction fees affect both consumers and merchants who seek to dispose of the funds received,” he said.

“Users of several other networks have experienced first-hand the impact that high commissions can have on their daily lives, since many low-value transactions, such as prepaid phone recharges or purchases with gift cards have a price absolutely outside the market”.

The implementation of the new Dash Core software also increases the maximum block size d from 1Mb to 2Mb, which allows approximately 48 confirmed transactions per second, compared to seven for Bitcoin.

“In the cryptocurrency market, transaction volumes can grow rapidly, so we believe it is essential to stay well ahead of anticipated demand,” Taylor said. “We are actively exploring a series of use cases with partners that will execute a large volume of transactions, so it is important to demonstrate to the market our commitment to expand the network to meet their needs”

Dash is the sixth largest cryptocurrency in the world with a capitalization of 2.59 million US $. The price of the cryptocurrency began its recovery at the beginning of the year, going from 80 dollars in January to more than 330 dollars at present.

The Singapore-based company Huobi.Pro, the cryptocurrency exchange, began supporting the Dash trade earlier this week, and since the end of October, Dash is also available in the Quoinex and Qryptos exchanges.

Just as many predicted high commissions and the speed of transactions are going to be a workhorse and a decisive factor when choosing currency with which to operate in everyday life. Usability is a factor that cryptocurrencies should improve, especially Bitcoin if they want to leave the merely speculative world to enter the real world.

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