Cryptohouse, a non-profit association

Cryptohouse was born as a non-profit association, which aims to welcome anyone interested in the Blockchain technology or in any environment that surrounds them. We had the opportunity to interview two of its creators, Víctor and Nicola, to whom their passion for the decentralized world and technology united them just a few months ago to create this great community in Valencia (Spain).

What is Cryptohouse and how is it born?

N. It is the place that connects like-minded people who want to change the Statu Quo, people who are passionate about blockchain technology, and decentralization. People tired of being surrounded by large corporations, with which they can not compete but, through blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in general, find a way to enter the market, and therefore compete against them.

V. The first event was really inspiring, we gathered a group of friends to listen to Alberto, Raúl and Jorge, who had made their blockchain startups recently in the Bbooster accelerator, and since then they have become experts, granting interviews and talks throughout Spain.

You have talked about events in which startups that have blockchain technology have participated, but what is done in those events?

V. There are several types of events, one is the roundtables format, where we promote the exchange of knowledge among the participants.

N. The most interesting aspect of this format is that it is the community that decides on the topics that will be discussed.

V. We also use other models of events, such as lectures, conferences and programming sessions focused on the most technical profiles, and with a more practical part. It is very important for us, that this community participates and that it is they who in some way, have decision-making power, not only on the topics of the round tables as we have already commented but also the election of possible speakers.

As you can see, it seems that the profiles of the community are very different, since the events are not focused on a single profile, but in reality for you. Who has a place in Cryptohouse?

V. Everyone who has a passion for cryptocurrencies, blockchain programming, or who simply has an interest in the sector.

N. The best thing about Cryptohouse is that the community that participates is very diverse, you have great experts and people who have heard about bitcoin in the news for the first time. What we are trying to do is that people by themselves, learn by themselves on the specific issues, and therefore have benefited either at the level of training or at the level of contacts.

It seems that you have created a group very focused on technology, but I would like to know who is behind the organization of the events?

V. I studied computer science, and I have developed two startups, I consider myself a lover of the entrepreneurial world, becoming a mentor of startups thanks to my professional experience. I also collaborate with other groups such as Google Developers Group, and events such as Startup Weekend in different parts of Europe, and Startup Factory.

N. I consider myself a true decentralized citizen, born and raised in Belgium by an Italian family, I have worked in Shanghai, Rome, Brussels and now Spain. My MBA studies brought me to a Valencia accelerator, where I had the opportunity to meet people as passionate about blockchain technology as me, a passion that began in 2014, and that has led me to make investments in cryptocurrencies, and manage investment portfolios in ICOs.

Like any non-profit association, I understand that it is difficult to grow the community since resources will be limited.

N. Yes, we need more resources to make the community a success for the participants and for the sector, so we are thinking of incorporating sponsors.

V. We want to bring great representatives of the sector to the events, to give the best service to the community, to inspire them and motivate an authentic revolution in the application of technology.

What benefit do you offer to the sponsors?

V. These events we want to be a Win-Win for all, that is, not only benefit the community but also the sponsor, for this we offer: Introduction of your organization in all events, promotional material available in the spaces, mention in all our internal and external communication resources, and how not to propose their possible speakers.

N. Without forgetting a special event just for them, in which sector leaders, leading members of the community and investors will participate.

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