CriptoNight in Chile: Bitcoin with heels

Enter a place with about 200 attentive attendees to what is Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, always happy. But if it’s in Santiago de Chile, with some young, enthusiastic organizers; in an event that culminates with the presentation of the FIRST CAJERO DE CRIPTOMONEDAS in Chile. Joy doubles.

The CryptoNight event, which was held on December 13 in Providencia, Chile, was organized by Asociación Bitcoin Chile, a non-profit NGO.

The cashier, of the EasyBit company, will be located in a commercial area of Santiago. The inauguration was moving, presenting the artifact and being used for the first time by one of the attendees who was a “novice” within the “crypto” world, of those people who want to learn. When the big moment arrived, we watched each step carefully. At the end of the transaction, the cheers and applause awoke. Officially, the world of cryptocurrencies has been established in the South American country.

But before that exciting event, there were speakers of different topics aimed at better understanding the Bitcoin. The structure of the exhibitions was excellent. Beginning with a very clear exposition of what is the Chain of Blocks, then jumping to the “Mining”, then a legal explanation based on the definition of “Money”.

At this point, being a veteran, what matters most to me about a group is its good faith, and in the world “Bitcoin” the best way to know if a group really wants to teach and encourage the use of cryptocurrencies, is the way in which he explains and integrates new “bitcoiners”. So I was attentive to two points.

The wonderful conversations of huddle: Where I could verify their expectations, their desire to learn and the projects that there are for the future.

To talk with Joaquin Simonetti, one of the exponents, who with his 25 years has created an entire legal thesis on cryptocurrencies. Obviously, I invited him a coffee … although here in Chile, the heat is worth a beer.

See personally Pablo Chavez and Guillermo Torrealba of SurBtc facing their users for problems or delays in the verification process. In addition to his presentation that was impeccable, I was amazed by the fact that they were there, answering the protests and doubts of the attendees. Although we recognize it, it is sad that this surprise, it does; since currently many exchanges have this same problem and we can only contact with emails that are answered automatically according to a template.

Discovering ORIONX a new Chilean exchange, which in addition to performing all the trading functions, gives Chileans the opportunity to exchange their cryptocurrencies for Chilean pesos and make a transfer to a bank account.

And of course “La chauchita”: Chilean cryptocurrency that was born in order to train people with respect to cryptocurrencies “The best way to explain how the cryptocurrency system works is from the beginning, by mining”. Confessed Cesar Vasquez, its creator. This currency is based on the protocol of “Litecoin” and has managed to increase its value these days in such a way that the traditional Chilean media echo. So we also stayed for a coffee later.

The welcome and what information they deliver

For that, I took an inexperienced companion, who every time he asked me something, he used it as a guinea pig to ask someone from the association; while I walked away and watched. They passed the integration test with an outstanding.

Those of us who live in the world of cryptocurrencies know how complicated it is to organize an event, to attract audiences and also press: both specialized and traditional and they got it. But they did not neglect their work of informing, explaining to each person who approached with questions such as “When I want I can get the cryptocurrencies in Chilean pesos?” From a distance, I listened to the presenter and coordinator of the association answer the same question five times and she responded with the same joy to everyone “Yes, with your wallet, scan the QR code of the ATM”. Then came other questions.

For the cryptocurrency community this point is important, not losing the closeness of P2P and the availability for education and integration of new users. The Chilean community, from what I saw, is clear

The doubt before these advances is present What will happen with the legislation in Chile? So I started asking different people from the Chilean political spectrum. Few knew about the subject, but it was very curious that in the center of Santiago, in a cafeteria, I met Alberto Mayol,, a well-known Chilean sociologist, and politician, I sat down with him and began to question him.

Independent of the political ideology, this man kindly attended to me (although I approached him with the self-confidence that the coffee shops give me) and he could clarify that there are people, within the political groups that participate in the debate “We have taken it as an example of a change in the monetary system. ” It concluded after a brief analysis of the current fiduciary system.

There is a cryptocurrency ATM in Chile, there is a Chilean exchange, a cryptocurrency.of the country itself. I suppose next year, the event will be attended by many more people, adding more sectors of Chilean society. Then, another summer night in Chile, the Bitcoin will be dressed in heels.

Daniela Caro

Daniela Caro

Writer by birth, curious by profession ... I learn a little more every day from the cryptocurrency.