Pylon Network is presented in Mares Madrid to the neighbors

Pylon Network launches its decentralized renewable energy exchange pilot.

The presentation of the project, within the framework of activities of Mares Madrid, will be next Friday, November 3 at 7:00 p.m. in the Ecooo Space (C / Escuadra, 11).

It is increasingly common to find ourselves in our day to day with concepts that until recently were totally new, such as cryptocurrencies, the internet of things or smart cities. These are realities that no longer speak of the future but of the present, of the now, of doing things in an ingenious way so that different things happen, of putting technology at the service of people instead of captive people of technology. Realities that, combined and duly implemented, can suppose great advances for the change of paradigm.

One of the agents of change that can clearly benefit from these technological advances are the renewable energy cooperatives, which, through the implementation of a P2P network in blockchain for energy trade and distributed governance, could represent a whole vanguard in the energy sector and gain a necessary legitimacy as a market player.

In fact, they are the perfect agent since this technology offers mechanisms of decentralized consensus, democratic investment decision making, to expand the generation and storage capacity, as well as for the shared management of these assets through permanent supervision, secure and in real time including the distribution of benefits and associated costs of the common goods.

With that perspective, Pylon Network was born, the first decentralized structured energy exchange platform. It does so with a single purpose: to create the first open community of renewable energy exchange that can provide energy markets with the signals and financial incentives that current energy policies and government systems are delaying or, directly, impending.

In practice, this platform will work with the following actors: renewable energy producers, photovoltaic prosumers connected to the grid, Consumers who are members of the cooperative, isolated producers and investors, contributing as one of the greatest advantages the reduction of time for the amortization of the photovoltaic installation.

It is a complex system with multiple actors and several flows in which we must find the balance between inflation of the virtual currency and its devaluation, as well as the entry of new actors in the network or platform. That is why a pilot project is necessary to see in practice how flows evolve and establish indicators for them. It is intended to be carried out in a relatively small environment, but large enough to carry out all the necessary tests and adjustments.

The key to the platform is that it is collaborative, distributed and free to use. That is why, when the pilot is finished, it is intended to expand to all the European energy cooperatives that are grouped in Rescoop.

To learn more about the operation and the implications that the different actors would have in the project, the pilot project of this innovative network will be presented next Friday, November 3 at 7:00 p.m. in the Ecooo Space (c/ Escuadra, nº11), an organized activity Mares Madrid.


Diagram of flows and actors of the Pylon Network platform.


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