NAVCOIN will initiate funds for projects

In about one or two months, the future NAVCOIN V 4.2 wallet will allow proposals for projects that will be financed with a fund gathered by the POS mining. For this, NAV lowers its reward from 5% to 4% per year according to the consensus of the community.

The amount expected to be collected monthly is 25,000 NAVCOIN for this purpose. The ideas presented can be of all kinds and will depend on the “Starkers” (participants through the wallet) if that idea is funded or not.

With this news we sat down with Alex V, one of the developers of NAV, in order to give us more details.

What requirements must the presentation of the project fulfill?

-Only we will have to launch a command in the wallet filling basic data like the address where to receive the coins, how many coins are requested, how long it will take to make the project and a brief description.

Where did the idea of financing projects come from?

– From the community itself

What is the motivation?

-Decentralize the “management” of the project so that the network can self-manage and not depend on the dev team (developer team) neither in terms of approval nor financially.

Finance social projects is just one of the many options that there will be different types of proposals to create personally support that type because they go in the line of creating a more just world, one of the reasons for being crypto, Alex confessed.

The NAVCOIN team has made an effort to grow the community and make a commitment towards decentralization by opening its profile in github, demonstrating in this way that Blockchain projects can coexist and complement each other.

Navcoin will release a new wallet in a few months which will have the option of presenting project proposals. These projects will be voted on by those who have NAVCOINS coins in open purses or starkers, the projects will have a period of two months to gather the necessary number of votes.

Daniela Caro

Daniela Caro

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