Community Blockchain as an insurance against Scam

Today the world is in a constant state of fiction, the need of people facing a social instability that is increasing at times, encouraged by traditional media bombarding us with news stories that tell remote stories to keep us quiet and in a state of submission.

But the need to survive makes us look for new sources of security “When tyranny, rebellion is order”. It is thus, as although the big investors move away or do not dare to enter the cryptocurrencies, we can see how the communities of each country or region is increasing, this is observable different specialized forums such as Bitcoin Talk. in the same place we see how new projects try to attract individuals.

The street user, from the neighborhood, who wants to enter cryptocurrencies due to a need to escape from banking or find a way to enter it; is with a number of incentives to enter different networks of different currencies, today we can see that Telegram groups give coins to go or others have deferred incentives, which is not bad, are acceptable strategies and work, called AirDrops . But we find that some projects are simply fake, scams, the so-called SCAM

A particular novice who wants to enter the crypto-world is met with a lot of news, reports and publicity. And falling into one of those scams is simple and not only that user is affected, the whole Blockchain ecosystem is affected, all of our Cosmos, that is why those of us who inform on a daily basis, have a duty to warn of these abuses. The community is our insurance.

We can not be silent, not even for maintaining harmony. If the cryptocurrency falls into disuse, we will have lost everything we have gone through and the scams, it will close our doors. On our part we would like to give some indications.

Advice for beginners. If you have heard of a new currency or a new project, find out:

  • The team of people behind who are they? Do they have previous projects? Are you Qualified ?. Use the search engines, put their names. Investigate
  • Enter specialized publications or Chat. It is true that publications and chat accept sponsors, but all serious publications investigate advertisers on their own … nobody wants to risk their prestige.
  • Ask without shame in the communities, ask for references. Nobody in this community wants you to have a bad experience, no matter what project you choose.
  • Read, read and read, be your own source of information, draw your own conclusions and compare them with others. Do not be afraid of disagreeing, nobody knows everything because every day there are new advances in the Blockchain world, that is why communities are so important, since in them we find different profiles, different knowledge and visions. But in this world, nobody has the absolute truth.
Daniela Caro

Daniela Caro

Writer by birth, curious by profession ... I learn a little more every day from the cryptocurrency.