Coinbase closes Wikileaks account

Coinbase has blocked the Wikileaks store from its platform without prior notice, alleging a breach of the service conditions according to FinCEN rules, whose objective is to investigate financial crimes and possible money laundering.

The Wikileaks Shop is a portal where you can buy merchandise, such as shirts, bags, etc. To pay for them you can use credit card for currencies like the dollar or the euro, or use Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. The portal probably used Coinbase to convert those cryptocurrencies into dollars, which they could also be doing with donations. The United States would have relied on this to accuse the money laundering platform as a reason to close its account and put even more impediments.

From the Wilkileaks Shop Twitter account they report:

Wikileaks will continue to accept payments in cryptocurrencies, but will not continue to do so through Coinbase. All this has angered both the followers of the leakage platform and Wikileaks itself, which has called for a boycott of Coinbase.

This is not the first prohibition that the platform faces, since in 2010 PayPal, Visa and MasterCard blocked the donations to the platform. This caused that Wikileaks made the change to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which suffered a significant increase in its value. This time, however, the price of Bitcoin will not be affected, since Wikileaks will opt for another alternative to change dollars for cryptocurrencies, since there are many of them through the network.

Remember that, thanks to Julian Assange and Wikileaks we have been able to know a lot of information about the United States government, as well as the army and the agencies of the country. That is why Assange has been subjected to totally unfair isolation in the Ecuadorian embassy in London for years. In addition to cutting off the Internet repeatedly, now and for the second time, they have closed a way of financing Wikileaks.

Jose Felip

Jose Felip

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