A coffee with Oscar Domínguez (1st part): The congratulation

Oscar Territory Bitcoin, Oscar Bitcoin. This is what I have always called him, long since linked in the ecosystem networks, I had never stopped talking to him at length. It is these interviews or “virtual cafes” that do the sweet work.

Bitcoin is partying, one of its media, Territory Bitcoin, has won the Digital Award 2017, so it merits me to sit down to chat a couple of cafes with its founder Oscar Dominguez.


“How did you get into the Bitcoin world?”

I met Bitcoin in September 2014, I saw an article in the world that told about the existence of a currency with which to buy drugs online; this was the message that came to me. Well I took it and I started to investigate a bit, I downloaded TOR and I went even deeper and I thought to create a page.

– Do you remember if that news was positive or negative?

You know that Bitcoin is almost always negative, except in specialized publications; so imagine in 2014, was very negative: a currency of drug traffickers, something very dark and sensational that aroused my curiosity and was the turning point so far … I have not stopped.

-How did your adventure begin in Territory Bitcoin?

As the interest in the subject of Bitcoin and Blockchain grew much; which I tried to decipher because my English is not very good, then I realized that there were no means of communication in Spain that explained in a simple and comfortable way everything about this technology and that people could understand.

Then in November, after only a month of knowing the Bitcoin registered the domain “Territory Bitcoin“. It is curious, really I wanted to acquire the domain “Directory Bitcoin”, and that, at first, the idea was to create the first directory of businesses, companies, and users of Bitcoin. But since it was no longer available I went to bed spinning around what name I could search for my domain, I slept with the TV on and placed “Territorio Infantil” I woke up to hear the name and I thought “pussy Territory Bitcoin” and that is the start story.

“And why a Directory?”

Because at that time there were many businesses, we are talking about 2015, they began to grow and wanted to accept Bitcoin, I thought at that time that the future was to create a directory; but gradually the companies stopped accepting Bitcoin.

“And why did they stop accepting Bitcoin?”

Basically, because no one had paid them with bitcoin; the people who have bitcoin, rather than using it, what it does is keep it. In addition, in some companies, for example in the street Serrano, hacienda realized inspections, which discouraged to the businesses that have hung the poster “I accept Bitcoin”, nobody paid him in the criptomoneda and on top attracts the hacienda.

– You would define Territory Bitcoin, plus an information portal, that of news.

We are an independent means of information concerning the cryptocurrencies and the blockchain and the technologies that surround it. We do not write news and only news, write what we like, it’s good to be independent.

– Well, congratulations on the Digital Awards. Can you tell us in your words what it is?

A recognition that offers OMExpo, the most important event in terms of technology, electronics and everything that has to do with the digital economy in Spain and in this case we are given as innovation in the medium of communication as they are delivered to companies that contribute most to the digital ecosystem in Spain.

– How did you feel when winning this prize?

Very surprised, excited; I could not articulate a word. Since you are selected from more than one hundred projects in your category and only two remains, was to win. Then you sit there and you name the winners of other categories, companies like Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson and suddenly they name you. I still can not believe it.

It was a difficult bet ours because the jury was no longer that he did not know us as a project, but rather knew Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology and hoped that they would not have prejudices, imagine one that was “anti-bitcoin” and say “remove, remove,” because that could happen … but it did not happen.

“Well, something will have to do well to achieve that podium.

Look, Daniela, I believe that in this life there is only one secret and it is to work, to work and to work

“Do you realize that with you, the entire Bitcoin ecosystem went up on the podium?”

Yes, that is true, we have received congratulations from all parts of the world, it is a prize for Bitcoin, not just for us. If someone represents the Blockchain ecosystem, whether it is a company or a community, a developer is a win-win for everyone, since it gives visibility in some way. In the case of this particular award has been covered by many media, so visibility has been secured.

From that first news that you read about bitcoin as a negative to create a media that is awarded at the Digital Awards, you have advanced a lot.

The push is of all, that reward some or other gives quite the same because we are a very small and fairly united community. Basically, we all have similar or complementary or equal projects, but we support and welcome them. I have never had a bad reception in any part of Spain, I still do not go out, but until now the welcome in the communities to visit them is incredible.

We followed the conversation, deviating from the subject, remembering Avalbit and the rice of Vicent Noss. More topics and more questions came up with this born talker … topics I will unveil at the next cafe.

Daniela Caro

Daniela Caro

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