Coffee with Alex V. of NAVCOIN: About NAVpay, community and other usabilities

Between so many cryptocurrencies there is always a favorite, that or that I am very sentimental. My darling currency is NAVcoin, born and I saw all the coins you’ve seen it grow, is what has never failed my expectations, always happy to meet me and answer each of my questions. I am like that aunt who pinches her cheeks when she comes to visit them. So I sit down, I order a coffee from Alex V., the main developer of NAVcoin, a few months ago we did not talk and I took out my little notebook.

As she sat and visited the page I found great and good surprises, first, your page and you can read in Spanish (Praise Satoshi Nakamoto) this gives access to a lot of people.

Alex, how is the Spanish speaking market going?

We are very happy to be able to say that our Latino community has experienced the most growth recently. It is the result of a great work by “juguelio”, who has been involved with NavCoin from the beginning of time and one more example of how a decentralized project like Nav arouses curiosity in South American countries where the current economic circumstances push people to opt for alternative financial projects.

On the other hand, I see that now, in addition to his Telegram, Reedit, they also have Discord.

So is. Slack is a platform that is not really designed to accommodate large communities, but rather small workgroups. Recently, many users were affected by spam messages that used phishing techniques to send global messages to try to appropriate funds from others. For that reason, we decided to move to a more secure environment like Discord.

Do not you feel overwhelmed to have the users aware of everything you do?

We are pleased to have users interested in following our development, it is a sign of how involved the community is in the project. Improving our communication with the community and being more transparent is one of our most important objectives.

Another surprise is that they are voting at a time normally delivered as interest NAV those involved in the mining (Recall that is a kind of minefield PROOF OF STAKE) 5%. But they have put in the hands of users the possibility that instead of being that 5% lower to 4% for that 1% to be invested in marketing, communication and usability.

Why have you taken this measure?

The proposal had been discussed a few months ago in the community but considering that contribution to the community fund as an extra generation of coins per block. The idea had been rejected by the community. In this case, the new proposal where the contribution would be deducted from the current stakes.

Personally, I think that if the measure is adopted, it would be enormously positive for the project. First, because it would decentralize Nav making it no longer dependent on the Dev Team. The community would be able to self-manage and obtain resources from the network to develop projects and proposals. And in the second place, I firmly believe that it would increase the level of involvement of users by having more people have incentives to work on projects related to the expansion of Nav.

How are the votes going?

At the moment more than 90% of the valid votes are voting yes, although we are also counting as votes the votes of nodes that are not updated and therefore do not vote. It is still to end in the voting period and we hope that the number of wallets that run the latest version will grow and we will get closer to the time of approval.

I also find that the UQUID card accepts NAV, another point to usability because this means that NAVcoin goes out without the Bitcoin intermediary.

How do we add our NAV to UQUID?

Uquid is currently in maintenance. A few weeks ago I spoke with them and they told me that at the beginning of November their services would be available again. Once they are online again, adding NAV to the card would be as simple as adding Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

Well Alex, how much do you think NAVcoin has grown?

The members of our channels on Telegram, Reddit and Discord have multiplied. That the community grows reflects the growing interest in our project. This is enormously positive. The price and our market cap have also grown at the same time, but it is something that I prefer not to value since it is more connected with speculative reasons.

How have you opted for the usability of the currency?

It has always been one of our mantras, to create a product that is as usable as possible and as simple as we can. We hope to be getting it.

And more news, at this moment we are working on a NAVpay, a wallet on the phone with which we can continue participating in the mining.

What is NAV pay?

NAVPay is a lightweight wallet (it does not need to download the entire blockchain to run) that will work in a variety of different systems, both desktop, and mobile, as well as on any device that has a web browser. It is very simple to use, intuitive and the interface is carefully designed to be pleasant. I also see it being used in shops that want to accept payments on Nav.

Why has it cost so much to reach the mobile, if the mobile is the most widespread technological device we have?

Before NavPay we were already available on mobile devices through coinomi. Navpay is the result of months of work to bring your own solution and the quality expected of a Nav product.

How are anonymity and transparency combined?

As an organization it is important that we maintain a high standard of transparency, it is part of our responsibility as project managers. But we also believe that anonymity plays an essential role in protecting the individual rights of people and respecting the financial privacy of transactions.

How do you see the development of the blockchain in the world?

I think it’s an industry that is going to change the society of the future. That’s clear. At the same time, there are also many projects that are too overvalued and that sooner or later will receive a correction in the market. Only a few will survive. It remains for us to continue working hard to solve people’s problems and bring them closer to achieving freedom and financial independence.

And what are you going to surprise me with?

Stay tuned, soon we can tell you much more about our upcoming NavChain project and how we plan to add Distributed Applications to our product family. I promise big surprises about it.

I have no alternative, I will have to keep attentive to the advances of a currency that is taking big steps to be usable and reach new markets. So they will have to soon, I hope, put the brewery back on track.

Daniela Caro

Daniela Caro

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