Coffee Hangover: End of the IotCamp Blockchain Valencia 2018

I had never been in a “Blockchain Camp” and I did not know what I was really facing. Certainly I had talked with Ramón Quesada, which is why I attended a curious place where developers from all over the world would meet, the IoTCamp Blockchain Valencia 2018.

Upon entering, in a large room overlooking the port of Valencia, I saw people gathered at different tables. Each of them with your computer. They were the developers that were divided into groups that competed in the Challenge or Challenge proposed by the sponsors (Hackathon).

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To the right of this room were 3 rooms, one where they left their jackets, backpacks, etc, another where there was a table and was the place where “off topic” conversations took place. And in the middle cabin a table with coffee, tea and soft drinks. In that place great conversations were generated that we will reveal little by little.

And next to that another great room with a small stage where the exhibitions were made. These visions, companies, projects and ideas around the blockchain and the IOT (Internet of Things) had large exhibitors that had the interaction of the public. After each talk, the usual thing was to find speakers and participants sharing one or two coffees in the side cockpit. Zero that became my favorite moment. From these talks new ideas and synergies were born; being so many hours together people let out their true motivations and interests in apparently trivial conversations and always. But the conclusion is always the same. How different we are from each other, but something unites us: Find in this technology the possibility of an evolution.

AvalBit, the association Bitcoin and other technologies of Valencia, calls confident that unlike other sectors of society, there is great generosity in our ecosystem with respect to knowledge and at the same time hunger. And there was success, in the camp dedicated to the Bloque chain we found assistants from many parts of the world: Germans, French, English, Mexicans, Venezuelans, Americans and Spaniards arrived from Madrid, Gijón, Catalonia, Zaragoza, León, Valladolid and more places .

On the other hand, the sponsors placed their trust in the Valencian group due to their influence on the ecosystem, an influence that has been generated by their continuous work for dissemination and training regarding bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Being present in the IotCamp Blockchain Valencia 2018 is a recommendable experience for any fan of this technology. A place focused more on the technical than on the theory, that is the basis of our community, because without Bitcoin algorithms and protocols, it would not have been born.

And there was also talk of a topic that we talked about little, but very linked to our present: the Internet of things or “IoT” tells us how little by little our world connects and controls from a distance. Those who reflect and observe this IoT have the challenge of overcoming the problem of compatibility and at the same time that the possibility of the physical being “connected” can be a turning point towards an evolution that improves our lives.

But it came to an end and today I feel hung over, reviewing everything I learned and the people I met. This week at the Podcast “Café de Bitcoiner Today” we will bring to light a few coffees full of caffeine and laughter. In this way, we look forward to the next edition of the I IoTCamp Blockchain Valencia 2018

Daniela Caro

Daniela Caro

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