Cloudflare suspends proxy website thanks to the execution of a hidden cryptocurrencies miner

Cloudflare, the Internet domain provider, has lashed out at websites that set up underground crypto-coin miners. The news came to light when the operator of the proxy space to the most popular Torrent pages, ProxyBunker, told TorrentFreak that Cloudflare was removing its relevant domains because these portals had run Monero miner “Coinhive” for four days before the suspension.

Justin Paine, Cloudflare’s chief of trust and security, informed ProxyBunker that the decision was made because the miner was operating in secret, with no option for visitors to disable the code … so it was considered a malware. According to Paine’s words:

“Several domains of his account were running Coinhive miner code without notifying users. We consider this to be malware and we have taken action: all domains have been removed from Cloudflare. “

On a website, a miner works by harnessing the processing power of users’ computers to generate cryptocurrencies. This process has gained a lot of notoriety in recent days, especially in cases such as the one around The Pirate Bay, as its team decided to launch a web-based miner who was later removed because of numerous protests. In fact, the popular Showtime television network, known as the home that once hosted such series as ‘Dexter’ and ‘Penny Dreadful’, recently reported that mining malware is hidden on its websites, stealing processing power from the users that enter them … the trend is increasing.

Despite measures taken by Cloudflare, since TorrentFreak have come forward claiming that web miners might well function as a new financing method for services of limited benefit – community response is moving in the mixed step – such as the torrent sites. This is the case that the PassThePopcorn portal announced that it will introduce an “opt-in” version – requests for the person to decide whether or not to activate a service – of the software, in order to finance their service.

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