ClimateCoin, an ICO in Davos

Last January, Climatecoin attended the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos where they shared their disruptive vision of creating a new economy and cryptocurrency to mitigate climate change through the purchase of carbon credits and where also  made it self first purchase of carbon credits to offset the emissions generated in its extraction processes derived from the Ethereum network.

We are now the first carbon neutral cryptocurrency with the hope that the entire blockchain industry will join us. From now on, we will create a set of different carbon credits thanks to the purchase of Climatecoin tokens, thus increasing the value of the cryptocurrency. All these thanks to the increase in the intrinsic value of the set of carbon credits. This is the award we give to the winner of Davos Futurehack in which we participate as judges and sponsors.



Climatecoin is the first cryptocurrency that allows everyone to participate in the fight against climate change democratizing carbon markets through Blockchain technology.

Thanks to the help of the expert in carbon credits from Dr. Michele Stua, they are designing their own carbon credit purchase strategy for Climatecoin Carbon Pool. And to guarantee maximum quality, Climatecoin will coordinate the next steps to execute the plan with their partners Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX) and Climate Markets Investment Association (CMIA).

The Climatecoin Foundation is carrying out a continuous sale of Climatecoin CO2 tokens

Due to the current transitional phase between the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement, the demand for carbon credits is likely to remain low and uneven until the entry into force of the Paris Agreement (January 1, 2021). From that moment, the demand for credit will grow rapidly, which will raise the price of carbon.

Our goal is to democratize the carbon markets, allowing anyone in the world to do something for the survival of the planet, while obtaining an economic return.

For this reason, the Climatecoin Foundation will support the carbon markets system by providing liquidity through the continuous sale of Climatecoin CO2 tokens, in order to buy carbon credits over time.

We believe that a continuous sale, together with the establishment of a set of carbon credits (Climatecoin Carbon Pool), represents the ideal way to support the holders of CO2 tokens and maintain a positive impact on the carbon market and also the mitigation of climate change over time.

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