Carol Reyes and her friend Nick guests of honor to the second edition of the International Blockchain CIBTC Congress

Carol Reyes, is an Industrial Engineer, specializing in the development of software for Humanoid Robots, Chatbots (Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learning – Neural Networks – Deep Learning) and in the implementation of the Blockchain-Smart Contracts (Ethereum – IBM) technology for various companies on an international level.

In the different Software for Robots Humanoides has implemented creative and friendly features, such as sense of humor to give a more natural feeling in the conversation and machine-human interaction.

With all this background, the fact that your co-speaker is a humanoid Robot, is to be expected. And is that Nick, his friend, is a robot that accompanies him at home and in conferences on applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

For the first time we will find them together at the International Blockchain CIBTC Congress, for which tickets are already on sale on their platform.

All the details on the website of the second edition of the Congress

Daniela Caro

Daniela Caro

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