Cappasity prepares new software for the e-commerce industry

The e-commerce industry has experienced great growth in recent years. Numerous companies that emerged in full swing of e-commerce systems have already reached a positive turning point and are ready to adopt new technologies, such as drones, virtual reality and more.

In this way, giants like Amazon are already exploring options to further optimize the delivery of orders and thus provide customers with greater satisfaction. However, users are not seeing noticeable changes in the way these spaces display their items; That is, people place an order based on the appearance of the product images and sometimes there are notorious disappointments because the actual item does not look like it was seen in any of the photos. Many have gone through this unpleasant situation, but soon you will not need to worry … Cappasity offers to solve this problem.

Cappasity, a platform that offers visual solutions in the field of electronic commerce, will soon seek to raise what is necessary to finance its ecosystem of AR / VR / 3D formats. We speak of a start-up focused on the development of state-of-the-art visual technology for the e-commerce industry, which enables an effective integration of 3D content into business processes in this area, such as product digitization and AR / VR solutions for Visualization of purchases. With such a tool, customers can easily visualize what a real product looks like before placing an order, avoiding an unpleasant surprise when it arrives at your door.

Cappasity’s initiative can revolutionize the e-commerce market, especially the segment of products that are very expensive. And is that, by eliminating every ounce of skepticism in the customer’s mind, companies will be able to sell more through their online platforms. Cappasity is a company that has already built a remarkable reputation in itself, thanks to important partnerships with the leading brands in the market, although the company does not want to stop here, as part of its expansion plans are working on the Deployment of the 3D system we are dealing with today.

So, in order to fund the proposal, Cappasity is organizing an Initial Coin Offer (ICO) to be launched in September. The interested parties will be able to buy ARTokens with BTC, BCH, DASH, ETH, LTC, XMR and USDT, and the goal is to raise $ 50 million within 30 days, which will be allocated to software development, marketing processes, Of rewards for users and the AR / VR Innovation Fund: the first of the funds will encourage the developer community by awarding scholarships to the most valued applications, while the second seeks to encourage the development of quality content through weekly awards To the most applauded proposals.

You can visit the Cappasity website by clicking here.