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Each person in this crypt has its favorite projects, those in the even if it does not participate wants to come to fruition, is what happens to me with EthicHub.

EthicHub is a P2P financing alternative, where, thanks to Blockchain technology, it connects globally to investors with small unbanked producers without access to traditional investment loans, counting only with loans from individuals, in cash, with interest from more than 100% to get funds for your work. Working the land is always hard, but if you add to that most of the result of this work is repaying these debts, being a small Mexican coffee grower is doubly hard.

They need a loan, for which they are willing to pay interest. At the same time in other areas of the world with an abundance of capital, our savings do not generate interest in the banks, but rather they charge us commissions for having our money stored there. It is therefore an advantage for the small, medium and large investor, to lend directly to profitable but unbanked producers and this is possible thanks to the Blockchain technology.


We had a small talk with Gabriela Chang about the EthicHub project, to clarify ideas and because I like to chat with her, since she is one of the few women I meet in the Blockchain world


There are several ways to participate in this project awarded for its social impact on financial inclusion: buying tokens, financing farmers directly through the platform or making donations to the exponential fund to help build the credit history of the first farmers.

You can buy your tokens (Ethix) by entering yourself in the Purchase Intention List (Whitelist):
With this round of financing, the platform will be completed and the international marketing campaign for the Sale of Tokens will be promoted and users of the platform will be promoted. In the Sale of Tokens we will gather the funds for the next 2 years during which we will extend EthicHub to other crops and other countries, according to our roadmap.

In the Whitelist there is a discount of 30% for those who register within the next 4 weeks.


What do we buy when we buy Ethix?


With the Ethix you will have access to the platform and better conditions. It has been divided into “tiers” or levels. The first, up to 1000 euros, does not require Ethix, so you can try the platform and trust it. Then if you want to put more than 1000, you need to have Ethix. As you want to level up, more Ethix.

The Ethix are the basis of the system of incentives and rewards to keep users motivated to participate in the platform with an appropriate behavior for the benefit of all users.

It is the so-called game theory:
-The Local Node is motivated to look for suitable projects that meet the payment of the credit on time and recommend to other Local Nodes. The more projects you get, the more you benefit.

– Farmers ask for more and more money and pay it, because they benefit as more reputation points generate in the smart contract.

-Investors receive better benefits as more money they contribute to farmers’ projects and also to refer other investors.

This is like a super summary, If you want to know in detail, is on the web to download


How safe is the investor?


An individual agreement is signed with the large participants who have vesting conditions (to protect investors and the project itself from speculation and dumpeo) and discounts depending on the amount contributed. For the retailers are the Terms and Conditions.

The option is to finance farmers directly through the platform and obtain a return of 15% per year in Fiat (traditional money) to donate to the Exponential Fund, which will reinvest this money continuously in new projects.

The Triodos Foundation (of Triodos Bank, ethical banking) has relied on EthicHub, allowing it to use its donation platform, which supports online payments even in small amounts in euros.


This is good news, especially for those who are hesitating to invest or not. But, ask part How do you take the “crypto-addicts” speculators?


We flee from speculative cryptoadicts. It’s the good thing about this crisis, they are disappearing little by little. You do not know what the panorama has changed! I have to write an article telling my experiences over a year. As we have gone from the crypto chulería to the brazen desperation to offer services that are no longer worth anything.

Our conversation ended with a “Good Night” and that is that Gabriela’s day has something like 36 hours since she started this project. As for the speculators, I agree with them, the Blockchain world is better with people who believe that the Blockchain technology serves to respond to problems of the current system, improving the quality of life of the people around us, something like EthicHub

Daniela Caro

Daniela Caro

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