Blockchain bootcamp Innsomnia Valencia, learn and specialize in blockchain and cryptography

The Blockchain professional market is growing by leaps and bounds and many technical profiles are lacking that can develop the future of the sector. The problem that companies have is the impossibility at the national level to find profiles prepared and with the necessary knowledge. While it is true that there are several blockchain masters in Spain, unfortunately they have a vision focused on business and legal-legal issues.

From Geekshubs, an IT training company and Innsomnia, the digitizer of Bankia, they have launched a Blockchain specialization Bootcamp of 120 hours, to cover the professional demand that companies request, Blockchain programmers. This is an opportunity for all those who want to develop their professional career in a sector full of opportunities and with an exaggerated demand for Blockchain programmers.

In this eminently technical and practical Bootcamp, all students come out with their own project, which they will present at the end of contracting companies, accelerators and large corporations in search of tech talent. The average salaries for low-income developers in Spain rise to € 60K, while in Europe they come to pay € 120K for Blockchain junior programmers.

The faculty of the program has the main technicians and experts of this technology at national level, such as Alex Puig – CTO of Caelum and CEO of Alastria, Alberto G. Toribio – Head of Blockchain of Bankia or Carlos Kuchowsky – Guru of the Blockchain in BBVA between others. A cast of well-known professionals, along with others not so media but with years of experience in code in this sector.


The Bootcamp has a cost of € 4,500, which can be reduced to a 15% discount for early enrollment and coming from using the code SOYBITCOINER when you request information. You can also pay at comfortable installments without interest.

Course content:

Module 1. Introduction
Module 2. Cryptography
Module 3. Cryptocurrencies
Module 4. Blockchain
Module 5. Offchain technologies
Module 6. Smart contracts
Module 7. Security
Module 8. ICO’s and Tokens
Module 9. Blockchain Ethereum
Module 10. Ethereum Tools
Module 11. Node management
Module 12. Hyperledger Project
Module 13. Delivery blockchain challenge

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