Blockchain, art and wines; first blockchain meeting in Zaragoza of Bitcoiner Today

There are many meetings, conferences, congresses. But I am sure that only some mark such a clear start, as it did on Friday, October 26 in the Blockchain meetup: Ideas come true.

The location was sensational, in the house of HubZgz, a company that aspires to avoid the drain of talents from Zaragoza, that the “Maños” can create their future in their land. And apparently, gentlemen, in Zaragoza there is a lot of talent. In this house we were accompanied by Marco Domingo’s art, which generated an atmosphere of depth and good art.



We have generous and drenched speakers from the Blockchain world: Gustavo Segovia, who opened the meeting remembering what Blockchain is and pointing out Blockchain applications for art.

Manuel Polo broke a spear in favor of the use of cryptocurrencies, reminding us that it is the basis of the ecosystem and that Bitcoin is the mother of all. Of course he explained his Wuabit project, to which we are all very eager to meet.


Iñigo Molero and Gabriela Chang told us their personal story of how Blockchain came to the world and presented EthicHub, the Spanish financial inclusion project, explaining their motivations and ambitions.



Between chat and talk we enjoyed good wine, contributed by Bodegas Paniza, demonstrating in this way that the villages the wineries … if they support the future.

Art, wine and Blockchain, that’s how that afternoon was defined that Friday. For me very special to be able to meet the people of the chat Telegram and whatsaap … to put faces to the avatars that in my day to day take me out of doubts, we debate and we laugh. But this time in person, we could hug each other, greet each other, and some more I gave him a fond campion.



And after the evening came the night and with it the personal meeting, the beers, the group conversations and that feeling that in Aragon there are many and there is no reason for us not to be the impulse, the center of Blockchain research.

Thanks to all who were, to those who took the car and traveled miles for this moment, to those who listened and to those who spoke, to those who expressed and especially to those who declared themselves “Bitcoiners” and encouraged us to continue meeting to share beyond a coffee.


Enric Martí

Enric Martí

Economy fan, hangued, hooked on crytocurrencies and junkie of audiovisual stuff...on rehab