Blockchain and Labor Day

Society and technology go hand in hand. Within the history of humanity, the great technological advances have meant the beginning of new stages, such as the Industrial Revolutions that have marked a change in the productive system and with it the vision of work.

Today we are in the Industrial Revolution 4.0, defined as the complete digitization of value chains through the integration of data processing technologies, intelligent software and sensors. Including both suppliers and customers to be able to predict, control, plan and produce intelligently, which generates greater value to the entire chain, which implies a good degree of automation and digitalization of users and factories.

The author of the book “The fourth industrial revolution” Klaus Schwab says:

“We are on the verge of a technological revolution that will fundamentally modify the way we live, work and relate, in its scale, scope and complexity, the transformation will be different to anything that the human race has experienced before.”

The Work and the Blockchain

If in front of all the above we put Blockchain technology before the revolution in the method of work, it is served.

A few weeks ago we met developers and Blockchain enthusiasts at the IoTCamp Blockchain Valencia 2018. In this event we were able to observe the differences in the working method.

The possibility of creating different applications by people willing to participate in an evolution in the productive system creates a transversal and multidisciplinary set of people. A place where all experiences are necessary.

But it calls in particular the attention of the participation of immersed young people creating a new way of dealing with technology and money.

An example of this is Guillermo Montalve, who came before us with his personal entrepreneurship company called “El Dorado”, an exchange that seeks to bring money to people who do not have the possibility of banking, a platform where all the bitcoin traders and virtual currencies can publish all their offers, both purchase and sale of their assets at the price they consider creating a free, competitive market and where they can meet other users in a ranking system.

“Our values ​​are linked to decentralization and the fact that anyone can create their offer both purchase and sale; it does not depend on any banking entity or government. “

When he first heard the concept of Bitcoin, the fact of a decentralized virtual currency, with no banks in between, caught his eye: then he began to investigate who was behind this and he found Andreas Antonopolus who according to his words ” has been one of the people who has followed since then “Guillermo started in the blockchain world 3 years ago with bitcoin mining, since then participating in the Bitcoin Venezuela community in various activities and now takes the step to create this project. Talking with him, he explains his vision of the evolution of society: From Decentralized to centralized and now he is playing again a time of decentralization.

With his words and by analyzing the groups that make up each project we can visualize the work of the future. Decentralized and multidisciplinary.

But what else can the Blockchain give us? So far, as I have said on other occasions: in the blockchain we find a refuge against any type of discrimination. Will it continue the same? For this, it is necessary that all actors pause for a moment to ensure that this remains the same. What better than today?

Daniela Caro

Daniela Caro

Writer by birth, curious by profession ... I learn a little more every day from the cryptocurrency.