Bitnovo adds Stellar and gives Trezor wallet for Christmas

Stellar Lumens is now available as a Bitnovo Bitcard anonymous card recharge service. XLM is going to be added to the other 6 crypts as a method of payment on the bitnovo website and how to recharge the Bitcard card, which allows converting all these cryptocurrencies into euros instantly.

With the introduction of Stellar Lumens, it will now be possible to reload the Bitcard with 7 different types of cryptocurrencies: bitcoin (BTC), Dash (DASH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ripple (XRP), Zcash (ZEC) and Stellar Lumens (XLM). Also, remember that you can purchase cryptocurrencies from your ATMs or in more than 30,000 points of sale of recharge coupons.

Bitnovo coupons are redeemable for bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency available on our website and can be purchased at more than 30,000 points, distributed between Carrefour, Game, Fnac, Eroski, Worten, tobacconists and bitnovo points. Thanks to the agreement reached with these large franchises and commercial areas, we have made bitcoin and cryptocurrencies available to anyone. The crypto coupons are the simplest way to buy bitcoin and cryptocurrencies with total security and they are also the fastest system, since you will have your crypts in your virtual wallet in record time. Remember that you can also buy cryptocurrencies conveniently from home with a card or bank transfer in a few steps.

Why Stellar Lumens?

Stellar is a network managed by a non-profit organization: Stellar Development Foundation. Lumens is the digital currency of the Stellar network, represented by its symbol ‘XLM’. Like the other cryptocurrencies, this token uses a decentralized blockchain protocol. What differentiates Lumens from the other tokens is that Stellar’s payment network offers a faster, cheaper and safer platform for the transfer of money around the world, without geographical restrictions. This is because Stellar is governed by a technology designed to provide a distributed payment system (Distributed Ledger), a unique system in the blockchain ecosystem, being based on a consensus algorithm (the Protocol Stellar consensus) that does not depend on the miners, but on the entire community.

Por esta razón ​las transacciones de Stellar se realizan en un período de tiempo muy rápido​, que puede variar de 2 a 5 segundos, lo que reduce considerablemente el coste (0,00001 lúmenes por transacción) y la lentitud   de las transacciones, superando uno de los límites de muchas otras criptomonedas. 
Pero la característica más importante que convierte Stellar en un token especial es el papel que esta moneda desempeña como ​puente entre la comunidad de las criptomonedas y las instituciones financieras tradicionales centralizadas​, mediante la ​inclusión de servicios no bancarizados​. La red Stellar de hecho permite el intercambio tanto de fiat como de criptomonedas y transacciones en múltiples divisas. Ya conocemos las dificultades de acceso que tienen las personas más necesitadas al sistema bancario y financiero. Lo que se propone la ​Stellar Development Foundation es ​eliminar estas barreras ​y combatir la pobreza​, creando una red que permita a l​as personas de todo el mundo, en especial aquellas que no tienen acceso a cuentas bancarias, evitar los bancos, cambiar dinero a través de transacciones en múltiples monedas, para que puedan intercambiar, almacenar y acceder liberamente al dinero. Gracias a la inclusión de XLM en nuestros cupones y gift cards, y ahora en la Bitcard, cerramos totalmente el círculo para poder dar un servicio de inclusión financiera, gracias a la tecnología blockchain que nos ofrece Stellar.  

For this reason Stellar transactions are made in a very fast period of time, which can vary from 2 to 5 seconds, which considerably reduces the cost (0.00001 lumens per transaction) and the slowness of transactions, exceeding one of the limits of many other cryptocurrencies.
But the most important characteristic that Stellar turns into a special token is the role that this coin plays as a bridge between the community of cryptocurrencies and traditional centralized financial institutions, through the inclusion of unbanked services. The Stellar network in fact allows the exchange of both fiat and cryptocurrencies and transactions in multiple currencies. We already know the difficulties of access that the most needy people have to the banking and financial system. What the Stellar Development Foundation proposes is to eliminate these barriers and combat poverty, creating a network that allows people from all over the world, especially those who do not have access to bank accounts, to avoid banks, change money through transactions in multiple currencies, so that they can freely exchange, store and access money. Thanks to the inclusion of XLM in our coupons and gift cards, and now in the Bitcard, we completely closed the circle to be able to provide a financial inclusion service, thanks to the blockchain technology offered by Stellar.

Stellar Lumens (XLM) today ranks fourth in total market capitalization (source, becoming one of the most dominant currencies in the market. No other words are needed to express our respect and support for a crypto that has managed to fully follow the philosophy behind the bitcoin: putting citizens, especially the most needy, at the center of a more transparent economic system , fair and safe.

And as a gift this Christmas …

Bitnovo will give you a Trezor One hardware wallet when making a purchase equal to or greater than 5,000 euros in cryptocurrencies on the website, with which you can store more than 500 Coins and Tokens, with monochromatic screen with 2 buttons, security protection by computer or mobile, encrypted storage in the cloud, U2F authentication, encryption through GPG, and SSH.

y si no eres de Hardware Wallet, alternativamente, puedes descargar la Bitcoin Wallet App de bitnovo GRATIS para dispositivos Android e iOS.

and if you are not from Hardware Wallet, alternatively, you can download the Bitcoin Wallet App from Bitnovo FREE for Android and iOS devices.

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