Bitmain will not deliver L3+ miners until March 2018

Bitmain and its L3 +, will not be available for shipment until March 2018. It is believed that the pioneer in the manufacture and sales of Litecoin miners, do so for reasons of stock.

Are we willing to pay in advance and delay for 3 months?

Litecoin miner L3+ is the basis of scrypt mining

Although there are already other companies that already sell and send miners to work with the scrypt algorithm, Bitmain with its L3+ triumphs despite these setbacks. Everything is due to a problem of trust and distribution of orders. In addition, Bitmain has been working and innovating for several years, although it has had very large failures in the manufacture of its components. Their microchips have been refined and users have continued to buy simply because they receive their orders. Most choose to be a robust and reliable device.

In such a demanding and increasingly efficient market, L3 + miners still enjoy a good reputation and low consumption. We remember that its 504Mhs and its 800w of consumption make it attractive and versatile, being able to vary from cryptocurrency without changing the algorithm. Its success is due to its easy installation and configuration, with a moderately acceptable price. Your ROI (return on investment) is between 4 and 5 months depending on the cryptocurrency worked.

Three months of long wait for our L3+

As if it were not enough to decide to spend a sum of money, now we find that the delay since we place our orders will be three months. Our L3+ will be manufactured in China at a fast pace to reach the expected sales volume.

Bitmain would NEVER manufacture miners if it were not because large companies already ask for large quantities of equipment.

We personally are not going to modify your work route for a few L3+ purchased. Bitmain is completely sure of selling them and that customers will be satisfied. This is, in my opinion, a great challenge to carry out. I can not imagine that after three months the technology would be obsolete and not perform as expected.

Many complaints fall with other models of miners that barely give the performance and spend a lot of light. We have to think that this business is not for today but for a medium-term future, whoever thinks differently can lead to absolute failure. We must take patience in big boats.

With these two deliveries that Bitmain plans to do with L3+, one the first fortnight and the other, the second fortnight, they want to tell us that there is still a lot of work. We can think that they can be quickly obsolete if so we better not take any chances. Bitmain I think it would not dirty your image selling obsolete equipment. Time has shown us that in one year the price of crypto coins has tripled even more.

Seeing the long wait we have to endure, is it worthwhile to invest now and receive later? It is a question that many of us ask ourselves and that disturbs us. Last shipping date will not be later than April 10.

The risks are, not apt for cardiac or impatient …!