BITMAIN will manufacture Artificial Intelligence chips

Artificial Intelligence is gaining a lot of ground lately. Bitmain, the Chinese mining company Bitcoin, diversifies its market.

What strategy is following and how does it affect the company?

A future beyond with Artificial Intelligence

Bitmain does not want to be left behind with the issue of artificial intelligence. Its manufacture and innovation of chips has been the engine of the company, demonstrating once again its intentions. Since 2015 he has been investigating and creating new models of circuits applied to AI. The constant growth of this technology demands constant supplies and competitive prices.

The model released to deliver at the beginning of November is the new AI chip, the Sophon BM1680.

In addition to special microchips for cryptocurrency mining, the Chinese company is already building a promising future. The survival of the company was based on the construction of mining farms of both Bitcoin and Altcoins.

His great commitment to Artificial Intelligence means that the company diversifies its resources and has growth. Bitmain believes that the business is booming, as the well-known Bitmain CEO Jihan Wu says, “as a company, we are not allowed to rely solely on the success of Bitcoin, which is something we can not afford.”

Sophon BM1680 and deep learning

This is the chip that is specialized both for training and for the execution of deep learning algorithms. It can perform 2 teraflops (2 trillion floating point operations per second) and generally consumes 25 watts, but can increase up to 41 W when executed in full.

These are data of Bitmain’s potential to create new specialized chips and their function within the market. It is a great opportunity for the company to enter the economy that until recently was known by few. Do not forget that Bitmain has manufactured 70% of the ASIC miners from around the world offering quality components.

Of course, this will generate new customers and money. They will continue to invest in more efficient chips for the new generation of ASICS. Bitmain may have guessed right the foray into this new technology and continue to build a company for the future.

New chips for mining

We are in front of a pioneer company in the manufacture of specific chips. Now they add Artificial Intelligence to their “product letter”, positioning and expanding. They will be about to release the new Asics models for SHA-256, Scrypt, and X11, since we are seeing very good discounts on their current products.

This already precedes, as we all know, that in 2018 we have new models that are more efficient and more productive. If Artificial Intelligence is going to benefit the entire mining and financial ecosystem, we are on the verge of a change.

This year is being very moved and we see companies that initially were exclusively dedicated to the mining of crypto coins, take a leap.

Will it be the jump to the smart miners? possibly, everything fits, it’s just the beginning.