Bitmain launches its new Antminer X3 with CryptoNight algorithm

Bitmain has just announced its new ASIC miner, the ‘Antminer X3‘ to mine with the CryptoNight algorithm with a power of 220 kh/s.


Bitmain has decided to do 2 simultaneous batch, depending on the batch number the dates and the price vary.

Also in case you do not have the power supply you would have to buy one that would be the APW3 ++ model for this ASIC.

With this ASIC you will be able to (supposedly) mine only cryptocurrencies that use the CryptoNight algorithm, such as: MONERO (XMR), ELECTRONEUM (ETN), AEON (AEON), SUMOKOIN (SUMO), BYTECOIN (BCN), TURTLECOIN (TRTL), ALLOY (XAO), KARBO (KRB), INTENSECOIN (ITNS), DERO (DERO), DINASTYCOIN (DCY), LEVIARCOIN (XLC), MASARI (MSR), FONERO (FNO), BITCOAL (COAL), GRAFT (GRFT), IPBC COIN (IPBC), ULTRANOTE (XUN) o STELLITE (STL) but, could not work with MONERO as they announce their resistance to ASICs and the company warns:

“Una de las principales criptomonedas que está usando la función hash CryptoNight está a punto de cambiar sus algoritmos de PoW, y de acuerdo con su declaración pública, es adrede para construir plataformas de minería ASIC incluyendo X3.” El aviso agrega que “no se aceptarán reembolsos.”

In February of this year, in response to possible threats from new types of ASIC mining that could undermine Monero, the cryptocurrency focused on privacy wrote on his blog about his “intention to maintain resistance ASIC by reacting quickly to any potential threat of ASIC and considering slightly modifying the PoW in each hardfork.

“We firmly believe that it is beneficial to preserve our ASIC resistance, therefore, we will make a hard emergency fork to stop any potential threat from ASICs if necessary, in addition to maintaining its decentralization objective and providing a deterrent to development. of ASIC and to protect against the development of unknown or undetectable ASIC, the Monero team proposes to modify the Cryptonight PoW hash each programmed fork, twice a year “.

From Bitmain warn that the batch process prepared for May and June “does not guarantee that your X3 complies with the current mining algorithms” which leaves a door open between “scam” and investment depending on what changes in the coming months.


Jose Felip

Jose Felip

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