Bitgrail, another exchange, another theft

Bitgrail Srl informs its users that the internal controls revealed unauthorized transactions that led to a deficit of 17 million Nano, an amount that is part of the wallet managed by Bitgrail Srl

Today a charge for these fraudulent activities has been presented to the competent authorities and is now under police investigation.

We inform you that the other currencies have not been involved.

To perform further verifications, all activities will be temporarily suspended (including withdrawals and deposits). This procedure is essential for the safety of users.

In this way announces Bitgrail, exchange Italiano, the theft of 17 million dollars of the Nano cryptocurrency (formerly Raiblocks) of their accounts.

The history

The first account withdrew 9.84M Nano, worth around $ 1 million at that time, but attention, are dated between 19 and 23 of October 2017

But it is not until February 8th when Firano (Francesco The Bomber, @bomberfrancy), the main developer of the project, informs the Nano team about BitGrail’s insolvency:

Bitgrail Srl informs its users that from the internal verifications of verification of the adequacy of extraction operations, unauthorized transactions have arisen that have caused a deficit of n. 17 Mln de Nano ca are part of the portfolios managed by Bitgrail Srl

For the fraudulent activity referred to above, today’s complaint was filed with the competent police authorities and police investigations are ongoing.

Keep in mind that the other coins deposited have not been affected by unauthorized withdrawals.

To carry out more controls on what happened, as a precautionary measure and to protect users, all site functionalities, including withdrawals and deposits, will be temporarily suspended.

We extend our sincere apologies to our clients and to all those involved in the illegal transfer of Nano on our platform.

While waiting for Bitgrail and the Nano team to cross the movements, for now, the funds are considered lost.

The affected

Hay un númoro elevado de usuarios afectados por el robo, y a su vez, también existe confusión sobre la situación. Se han creado repositorios, y canales de Telegram, en algunos de ellos, se están ejecutando ya demandas contra Bitgrail.

There is a high number of users affected by the theft, and in turn, there is also confusion about the situation. Repositories have been created, and Telegram channels, in some of them, are already being executed against Bitgrail.

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