BitcoinZ updates logo and releases wallet

BitcoinZ is working very hard to give the best image of the solid project. These days we have super interesting news.

New BitcoinZ logo and web

Many of the cryptocurrency projects, including BitcoinZ, start with basic logos until a designer perfects them. It can take months until it is decided which of them identifies as a brand what they really exhibit and teach. In the case of BitcoinZ, we have not taken too long to see a complete change and improvement of the logo. Their colors and shapes with the letter “B” tilted to the right with the mention of “z” underneath, remember their encryption motives.

Z-snarks the acronym means “Concise non-interactive argument of zero knowledge”, and refers to a test construction where one can prove possession of certain information, for example, a secret key, without revealing that information, and without any interaction between the tester and the tester.

This logo is the basis of this cryptocurrency, young and with a robust force. Enter stomping and offering what many do not have. Decentralized and completely anonymous. The entire team of BitcoinZ developers is anonymous. Nobody controls it totally, but there is a strong community where anyone can present improvements or launch a criticism. All proposals are heard to improve and further strengthen this novel cryptocurrency.

Your website has also been created with 20 languages. Extensive information on its range, price, capitalization and daily volume. Web with all the information of the available pools (more than 20 and still increasing) and a wide repertoire of social networks. Information and requests for new exchanges an extensive explanation of all the benefits of using BitcoinZ.

In addition, it contains 4 explorers to know at all times how the network moves, all the transactions, and blocks found.

New wallets for Android and iOS

In a very short project time, new portfolios for Android and iOS are available. The desire to work well and offer excellent service is noticed right away.

As if that were not enough, in a short time, the anonymous BitcoinZ team launched its portable wallet. At first sight it can be one of the most complete portfolios in crypto currencies for Android and iOS of the ecosystem.

Its simple and safe installation convinces us instantly. Security phrase with order check of 12 words. They even warn the user of all the risks involved in a portable portfolio. Most users appreciate explanations like this and to always be aware is for the good use of the portfolio.

Languages, conversion to many fiat world currencies and movement notifications. Many options being one of the most complete and secure for mobile. Ease of use and intuitive handling. Still need to implement improvements although like everything, are working for the good of the BitcoinZ community.

BitcoinZ grows and builds its future

A cryptocurrency like this generates a lot of expectation and medium-term plans. He is already sticking his head out of many projects and being seen by many investors.

It has a great capacity for global mining and general support, surpassing today several cryptocurrencies. Some even more famous, although the hash power of BitcoinZ triples that of some and is growing.

We undoubtedly appreciate very much everything that the BitcoinZ anonymous community is doing to improve our vision of a cryptocurrency. In months or even several years, we will see an even greater growth.

Google Play BTCZ Wallet

WARNING. Always remember the dangers and keep your security codes in a safe place!

This youth comes stomping, solidifying the bases and attracting miners.

Open your eyes wide …