BitcoinZ, new currency crypto to mine with Equihash algorithm

Last month a new currency was announced in the market, BitcoinZ. Are we facing a shift towards privacy?

BitcoinZ, the new currency that pretends to be Bitcoin 2.0

The need to use a cryptocurrency securely and privately is being viewed and spoken on all internet forums. The concern is rather, in case our transactions are monitored and tracked. This has led to the new creation of crypto coins and to provoke “hard forks” or hard forks. As a result, hard encryption algorithms, highly decentralized block strings and exchanges without an organism blocking them, are projects that we will soon see a change in the monetary crypto scenario.

In September a group of developers announced what they intend to become reality, BitcoinZ, the new Bitcoin 2.0.

Symbol: BTCZ

First, their claims are as clear as water. Anonymity, decentralization, security, and privacy. Completely and completely decentralized equipment (no root domain, no main website, no main development team):

  • Decentralized development of BitcoinZ

Developers are self-organized in development pods. Therefore, every new developer or team is welcome. All implementations following consensus are allowed. No need to register – just create a new pod account (eg github) and you can convince the community.

The goal is to carry all the best free software on the market for use in BitcoinZ.

  • Immutable Parameters

– maximum supply
– inflation
– Only POW algorithm and you can change the algorithm if a better one (POW) arises to avoid specific ASIC miners.
– new features are allowed to improve for use / scalability, but will never change the native history (ETH / ETC case).

  • Decentralized mining

Miners should not use the largest pools for BitcoinZ

  • BitcoinZ is easy to mine with Nvidia and AMD GPUs.

Equihash algorithm.
You can use your desktop PC to extract BitcoinZ, however, it is better to use your video game graphics card. The most profitable is GPU mining in groups.

  • Decentralized exchanges

All exchanges are allowed. The best ones are decentralized. A fully decentralized XCAT exchange is planned.

  • Pure Community Currency
  • Always immutable – no way to change history!
  • Hardforks to improve technology and scalability can be allowed, but changing history is prohibited.
  • BitcoinZ focuses on organic growth.

BitcoinZ, Bitcoin technology with Equihash algorithm

– Technology Bitcoin
– Anonymous Transactions (Privacy of zk-SNARKs) – Bitcoin has all transactions publicly available.
-Development decentralization / All contributors are volunteers
– Large blocks -> blocks are similar to BCC / BCH
– 21 billion coins – Everything in the world can have, in at least one
block BTCZ, – every 2.5 min vs 10 min in BTC

Also, in my opinion, mining now BTCZ is a good opportunity. Not listed today at coinmarketcap. Its growth can be very large for its mining support and hash power thrown into the net that is now 2.5 Mhash. Above all, you get a good handful of coins in a few days. Its current difficulty above all is low average: 43734.18

In conclusion, who knows if this coin in a year surprises us all .. are you going to lose it? Because to have a few coins saved we did not lose anything.

Here is the Node-portfolio link to further support the decentralization of BTCZ.

Miners, to work!

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