Bitcoiner Today organizes its first Blockchain meetup with Impact Hub Candidate Zaragoza

It all started with a phone call “Hi Daniela, how about we meetup with the community in Zaragoza?” Iñigo’s words were followed by a flurry of messages in the Whatsaap and Telegram groups of the Blockchain community and Bitcoin of Aragon and Zaragoza. With change of group name included.

We are many fun moments and memes spent in the search for the best option. Find Date, place, subject … It is complicated and more someone who has experience in organizing an event. But just thinking about being able to meet those I talk to every day, I was enthusiastically enthusiastic.

The first was the place thanks to Hub Zaragoza, a center that works to be a catalyst for innovation, entrepreneurship and the social and economic impact in Aragon. His team looks at us with patience and has given us his space, the best possible, since it is in the center of the city close to everything. They have opened their doors enthusiastically to host a Blockchain event born of their own community.

The guests are something else. It is our first meetup and before this challenge is called to friends, those who hope to take the car and come to the center of Zaragoza on a Friday afternoon to talk about Blockchain; first because they talk about Blockchain until they are asleep and second, because deep down they know that where Bitcoiner goes, the one who writes and the Paniza wine go. When we made the request we did not know what to expect, we must emphasize that it is a first contact, without sponsorship or help of any kind, nor guarantees. Even so there was an answer, in fact some will not be able to come for this event, but as I have already warned them, “little by little everyone will pass through Aragón”.

The theme, we have chosen a small variety of themes. Something like when you ask for a “Tasting Menu” to open “Appetite” to future talks that the Maña community can carry out.

And this is the result:

When: October 26th

Time: 18.30


Iñigo Molero and Gabriela Chang

Iñigo will talk about decentralized economy and the possibilities of positive impact of Blockchain technology in the world and society. After this Gabriela will show us as an example of EthicHub use: Blockchain and financial inclusion.

Gustavo Segovia

There are people who have to ask what project is not there. Gustavo’s curiosity and restlessness is one of his qualities that has made him form Blockchain4GoodRocks and from that corner he will show us the role of Blockchain technology in the creation of new paradigms about property and how it influences the present and the future of the property. art.

Manuel Polo

Referent of the Bitcoin community in Zaragoza online, in coffee shops, streets and any meeting held in the area. He comes to talk about usability of purses and services; presenting his project Wabit, one of the promises of Aragon.

The MeetUp will be made with voluntary contributions to cover expenses, EthicHub and Paniza Wines have already done their bit. Obviously the entrance is free, but we hope you sign up on the invitation page to find out how many chairs to place. Will I break my coffee drought?

Daniela Caro

Daniela Caro

Writer by birth, curious by profession ... I learn a little more every day from the cryptocurrency.