bitcoin web fork: follow the war of consensus

The internal war continues on what is better or not for “original” Bitcoin (BTC). Now it’s the turn of his, website, on which, a copy (bifurcation from GitHub) has been created to the website that tries to maintain the initial essence of the project.

A year ago, exactly on August 1, 2017, a “hard fork” of the main bitcoin block chain was created, alleging reasons of disagreement in the development roadmap, deriving what we know today with Bitcoin Cash. Although the story is more extensive, and full of half-truths, unconfirmed data, speculations and accusations of all kinds, to date it continues to show that the “consensus” does not seem to exist within the original Bitcoin Core project, until such time point (ridiculous and embarrassing), to create a second website (

On August 4, a “bifurcation maintained by the community” of called was launched, according to a tweet posted by Twitter user David A. Harding:

Harding, who has documented many of Bitcoin’s (BTC) features, noted that advertisements and third-party plugins found on had been removed in the “forked” version of the website. The announcements page on reads, “we feel that recent events are damaging to’s neutrality.”


The announcement also states the owners and maintainers of had taken “unilateral actions” that may not have been in the best interests of the Bitcoin community. Moreover, the managers of have acted “without the consent” of the larger crypto community, the notice on asserts.

Due to the controversial management of, will now aim to be a “neutral, informational resource about Bitcoin and how to use Bitcoin”, the announcement notes. The “forked” website will reportedly be “fully open source,” just like

The notice also posted a link to’s source code, while pointing out the forked bitcoin website had “reverted the redesign” of so that it is “visually distinct” from its previous version.

Additionally, the creators of the community-maintained website removed the events page found on, which they say was not only “additionally hard” to maintain but also listed too many “non-bitcoin related events.”

Notably, does not have a link to Bitcoin Core, which still does. The new website’s creators note that Bitcoin Core is an independent project so it should not be shared on a website that aims to provide neutral and objective information about the flagship cryptocurrency.

Not Using Cookies, Not Selling Ads

Translations (to languages other than English) are currently not available on new website, as its developers claim to be working to provide more accurate information in all major languages spoken throughout the world.

The website, per its announcement, uses fewer cookies and JavaScript. Furthermore, it removed Google Analytics plugins which are still found on These were removed because the website “never intends to sell ads.”

Notably, the maintainers of are currently not accepting donations from the crypto community as they’re working on a “better, distributed donations setup.” The move comes shortly after controversy surrounding one of’s owners emerged on GitHub.

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