Bitcoin Gold developer hides hidden commission in code

Hiding a commission to undermine Bitcoin Gold has angered the entire mining community. Having a monumental quarrel with even greater words.

What really happened and why this commission did not like the majority of miners?

Medium Commission “hidden” in the code

We do not leave our amazement every day, a few days after the launch of Bitcoin Gold. In just a day and a half, social networks went on and this time on GitHub, accusing the developer Martin Kuvandzhiev. A “hidden” commission and I say so because nobody analyzes the open source completely nor spends long hours as a programmer analyst.

The miners say that Bitcoin’s main developer Golg, Martin Kuvandzhiev (StarbugBG), added a hidden fee of 0.5 percent. It was in the group code that you pay the fees directly to your wallet. The Suprnova pool has already reported a division problem in chains, explaining that it has found blocks and not being paid. Really the payments went to another wallet, supposedly the creator of BTG Jack Liao.

In addition, the complaints generated by the pre-mining of 8,000 blocks, made the Suprnova team analyze the code. So they discovered this fall and corrected the chain, since it is open source. The BTG developer team did not like it at all. It is believed that Kuvandzhiev added the code that transfers a hidden fee to his Bulgarian mining group, for not agreeing with Jack Liao.

An alert was put on Github quickly “Beware of the hidden fee encrypted on the fork z-nomp announced by the developers”. said a team called number 180.

As an easter egg, he sat the hidden commission to the miners, called ‘StarbugBG’ (Martin Kuvandzhiev)

Prices falling due to the hidden commission of StarbugBG

Soon after hearing the news, the price of BTG began to fall. However, mining continued because they believe that this project is very important and will continue to be so in the future.

The commission that some developers can charge sometimes does not like anyone. The case of Claymore’s and EWbf, are mining programs that include a 2-3% commission for the mined. If you do not agree, you can deactivate the option, but the equipment reduces its power.

Therefore, we face corruption every day, a hidden commission in codes and exaggerated fees in mining pools. There are many people constantly dedicated to the proper functioning of portfolios, programs, codes to mine in swimming pools and a long etc.

Does not it seem exaggerated that a person hide 0.5% without notifying anyone? Or, does it have an excuse for this developer to spend long hours working to stabilize a code and nobody would appreciate it?

Everyone has their arguments and their reasons for imposing their rates. What everyone should do is give advance notice and ask for approval from the mining community. The transparency we need, many of us do not know about programming and those who know, are not 24 hours a day analyzing code.

The malice of some people and their greed, end up throwing away many cool projects. Bitcoin Gold is a good project and surely many failures like these will be polished. The most important thing is if it really benefits the majority of people, helping and contributing new things. Crypto coins are a great tool in an increasingly corrupt world.

Bitcoin Gold defends and rises in price

“Everything pre-mined is blocked with 4 out of 6 multi-signature keys, 60% of what is pre-mined is blocking time for the next three years,” concludes Kuvandzhiev, BTG core developer.

Hopefully, with these bad news do not affect the project or the price of BTG. You are already seeing a price increase and improvement of mining hash.

If greed and enriching oneself is the engine of a project, they will not go far.

The next few days we will see if BTG reacts and continues to overcome the obstacles. Go weeks!