Bitcoin Forks: BTC, B2X SegWit2x, BTG Gold, BTX BitCore, BCH Cash, BCD Diamond and more

The year 2017 has been a year of Forks for the main chain of Bitcoin Core, having made up to 3 * Forks of the main chain and 2 quoted.

For this reason, it is convenient to review, for those who have had Bitcoins in their Wallet at any time of the year, from July 31 to the end of November, they can find and use the different generated currencies for free, thus increasing the value of their wallets.

August 1, 2017: Bitcoin Core (BTC) is divided into 2 block chains, giving rise to Bitcoin CASH (BCH)

October 23, 2017: BTC is divided into 2 block chains, giving rise to Bitcoin GOLD (BTG), together with the 2 existing BTC and BCH

November 24, 2017:

  • BTC is divided into 2 blocks of blocks, giving rise to Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) which, together with the 2 existing ones, add up to 3.
  • BTC tried to divide in what would be Segwit2x, but although Fork is not produced, if future values of the currency are quoted (so it is assumed that sooner or later the Bitcoin currency SegWit2X B2X can be used)
  • BTC is also divided into another chain of blocks, BitCore (BTX), a project started in April 2017, which runs its Fork in the month of November


In this table we can see the 5 Forks * with their main characteristics, which try to justify the reason for their fork, some for block size, others for the difficulty setting and others for new features implemented (such as the encrypted balance or the protection of Replay).

For all this, Holders or simply you, if you have had Bitcoins in your wallet during this time, you can find that you have more than $ 11,000 of value as of December 2, 2017, since, you should add the value of the 3 forks, with a total value of $ 12,700.

A value that as you can see, has come out of nowhere, but what do you like, since it is free money that is … just like central banks do when they print money? 😉

However, this does not end here. For December we have more supposed Forks:

More information on each currency on its official website:

Bitcoin Core (BTC)

Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin Diamond (BCD)

BitCore (BTX)

SegWit 2x (B2X)*: does not have web, the project has not been applied, although its value can be quoted