Bitcoin exceeds $ 10,000 in Bithumb (South Korea)

The price of a unit of Bitcoin in one of the main exchanges of cryptocurrencies in the world, Bithumb, exceeded for the first time in history the $ 10,000, increasing this year 10 times its value. The value reached a ceiling of about $ 10,500, where it was set at most and obviously has bounced down keeping close to $ 9,800. For this moment, records are still breaking, currently at a price of about $ 10,490. In any case, in spite of the sure correction that will arrive sooner than later, a historical milestone achieved for Bitcoin and for the world in general of cryptography, fixing new supports increasingly higher.

There were many who predicted that BTC would reach $ 10,000 before the end of the year, one of them was Mike Novogratz, the former manager of the Fortress Hedge Fund, Novogartz said Bitcoin would reach such a milestone of $ 10,000 in early/mid 2018, apparently it was an even conservative prediction seeing that at the end of 2017 the 5 digit are already seen in one of the largest exchanges in the world, even so it seems that the value of the unit of the BTC will arrive unanimously at all the exchanges at the beginning of the year 2018 at the latest, to subsequently make a correction as it has been doing throughout its history, if there are no surprises, obviously.

Even so, the gap between the value of the BTC in Bithumb compared to the rest of the large exchanges may be due to the increase in demand after the announcement made by the bank Shinhan, the second most important bank in South Korea, announcing the testing of wallets for cryptocurrencies that will be available to their clients in the short term.

In addition, the $ 300 billion general market capitalization is exceeded for the first time according to Coinmarketcap.

It is obvious that we must be happy for such a milestone, the spectacular increase in the value of Bitcoin this year despite the forks, the prohibitions, the attempt to sink it from privileged positions at the top of the pyramid of the traditional economy … It is respectable that many think and speak bubble, but, I reiterate, should not be compared to bubbles as Mr. Dimon did, because Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies do have refuge value and is more than obvious. The year 2018 starts very well for the cryptographic world, trying to know how things will be at the end of 2018 is somewhat more complicated, opinions are accepted.