Bitcoin Challenge: 310 BTC reward if you get the challenge

Imagination and commitment to the Bitcoin community is the only thing that has been needed to create a super premium of 310 Bitcoins if you manage to decipher the challenge proposed by an anonymous “early BTC adopter”.

From the website you can access the proposed challenge. The only thing that is provided is a high quality image in PNG format, divided into contiguous hexagons and pentagons in different reliefs, as a mosaic. Some of them contain some text / numeric character that seem to be clues to their resolution (L350K7DF641C20E89D9F4).

In addition, a 6×3 grid appears that contains each cell an apparently hexadecimal number of 3 digits each.

511 B20 332 328 410 530 22B 0FE 52E D0F 7A1 65B 52C 7E7 511 2F6 56F C4B (511B2033232841053022B0FE52ED0F7A165B52C7E75112F656FC4B)

And that’s it, in addition to a number 16 and the date OCT 2 2018, day in which the challenge was launched, there are no more clues for now indicates on the web the author of the challenge:

“This is a challenge in which 310 BTC is hidden in the image above, whoever finds the key to the coins can keep the Bitcoins, this is my first experiment and I will probably launch some more challenges in the future. the code!”


You can check the prize at the address: 39uAUwEFDi5bBbdBm5ViD8sxDBBrz7SUP4

“Pip”, the author of the challenge, is defined as “one of the first to adopt BTC, I extracted many of my bitcoins in the first days on a desktop computer and bought with large numbers somewhere at a later date. everything I can say about myself, I do it anonymously but you can call me Pip.”

He prefers to remain anonymous because he is afraid that the world will know his wealth:

“Although most of my friends and family know about my Bitcoin wealth, I do not want everyone in the entire universe to know, I could not feel safe at home.”

The author alleges that the exact amount of the prize is equivalent to the airdrops received from BTC, and that although he could make a charitable donation, he prefers to do so in this way as a prize.

A nod to the Bitcoin community, an intellectual challenge parallel to the mathematical characteristics that define the security and reliability of cryptocurrencies, good luck to all;)

Jose Felip

Jose Felip

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    8th October 2018 at 11:51 pm

    you already miss one letter from picture 🙂

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    11th October 2018 at 4:16 am

    I’ve tried to showcase how to solve and find the 0.1 and 0.2 BTC wallet information in a video. Hope this helps some people learn how to approach these puzzles!

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