Bitcoin Challenge 310 BTC: Clues to its resolution (I)

The author of the challenge, has placed 3 more smaller prizes, which may or may not help to solve the grand prize, the youngest of them has already been claimed.

From the website you can access the proposed challenge. The only thing that is provided is a high quality image in PNG format, divided into contiguous hexagons and pentagons in different reliefs, as a mosaic. Some of them contain some text / numeric character that seem to be clues to their resolution.

Resolving the 0.1 BTC award:

At the address you can check the existence of the prize and its withdrawal by the winner of 0.1 BTC.

There are still 2 prizes over 0.2 BTC and 0.31 BTC, in addition to the 310 BTC grand prize

To get to the first prize, you have to look at the 6×3 grid that contains each cell an apparently hexadecimal number of 3 digits each.

511 B20 332 328 410 530
22B 0FE 52E D0F 7A1 65B
52C 7E7 511 2F6 56F C4B

Above the grid, in the image, it appears very small diagonally written OCT 2 2018. Using 20181002 as a key, change all the original hexadecimal values to a new value by subtracting the key, as shown below:

Original Hex 511 B20 332 328 410 530
change 201 810 022 018 100 220
decrypted hex 310 310 310 310 310 310
Original Hex 22B 0FE 52E D0F 7A1 65B
change 181 002 201 810 022 018
decrypted text 1AA 0FC 32D 5FF 78F 643
Original Hex 52C 7E7 511 2F6 56F C4B
change 100 220 181 002 201 810
decrypted text 42C 5C7 490 2F4 36E 43B

and you get a new Hexadecimal string.

The first repetition line 310 is an indicator that tells you that it did it right, so it can be deleted, which leaves you with 12 sets of hexadecimal numbers, which when converted to decimals are all less than 2048.

Hex: 1AA 0FC 32D 5FF 78F 643 42C 5C7 490 2F4 36E 43B

Decimal: 426 252 813 1535 1935 1603 1068 1479 1168 756 878 1083

Each number, indicates a word to generate a seed of a wallet, according to the standard BIP0039, so by changing each number by its corresponding word there remain 12 words that make up a seed wallet:

cry buyer grain save vault sign lyrics rhythm music fury horror mansion

We use a wallet seed generation tool:

BIP32 Derivation Path: m / 44 ‘/ 0’ / 0 ‘/ 0/0

Address: 1446C8HqMtvWtEgu1JnjwLcPESSruhzkmV

Public Key: 0376a376c4c2fc0ffad1a5d87f2100343d2cd29a5f7859458e545857727133e349

Private Key: KzkZxdhRGxB7eX4u1skXkfJ7VB8JfPp7Nfos3jiF7PQUNMh2SHDE


We hope it serves as help to solve the great challenge 😉

Jose Felip

Jose Felip

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    11th October 2018 at 4:18 am

    I’ve tried to showcase how to solve and find the 0.1 and 0.2 BTC Wallet information in a video guide. I hope it helps some people learn how to approach these kinds of puzzles!

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    17th October 2018 at 8:08 am

    Friends, congratulations for solving part of the puzzle.

    They already took the 310btc?

    Who has contact with the creator of the challenge, we could ask if in reality that photo is 20 years old?

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