Bitcoin at $ 4000: Crypto Pump

On Saturday afternoon, there was a significant increase in the value of Bitcoin, reaching almost 4000 $. But this rise of more than 10% was not alone, the vast majority of crypto coins accompanied him up, even saw authentic “Pumps”, especially some of tokens (assets).



We see by capitalization, accompanied him on the rise Ethereum, Dash and BitConnect, while the rest of the top 20 lagged behind even losses worth more than -5%. Storj was + 200% while Bitcoin Cash did not take advantage of the pull, losing up to -4% with respect to Bitcoin Core.

Good day for tokens and the rest of currencies, as can be seen in the initial photo, the same crazy investment and revaluation, highlighting VictoruisCoin with a + 2500% and CageCoin with a + 900% and much more over + 100% in just a few hours.

It has not seemed to affect at all the negative news of the last 15 days, such as the FBI’s intervention on the Btc-e exchange, the August 1 HardFork, DDoS-type security attacks on exchanges or the incursion into Genesis Mining: the wave Investor and the entry of new capital into the crypto currencies is a fact.

We will remain attentive to the collection of benefits, but above all, to the management that will take the value of the crypto coins after reaching this historical maximum of 3970 $.

Jose Felip

Jose Felip

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